[Air-L] HASTAC V: Digital Scholarly Communication CFP

Sheryl Grant sherylgrant at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 19:02:44 PDT 2011

The University of Michigan will be hosting the 2011 annual HASTAC Conference
(face-to-face!) on its Ann Arbor campus December 2 and 3. We invite
proposals for presentations on the general theme of Digital Scholarly

Deadline for submission is *September 15, 2011*. Proposals can be submitted
here: http://tinyurl.com/HASTAC2011-Proposal

We seek topics which may range over but need not be restricted to, the role
of digital technologies in:

* Reformulating scholarly projects and products. (This might include
questions of narration and argumentation, evidence and epistemology,
interactivity, and/or text/visual presentation.)
* Re-mapping the routes through which scholarly products circulate.
* Expanding the digital arts to include the humanities and vice versa.
* Reshaping the global system of knowledge production in the humanities in
terms of access, circulation, exchange and equity within the global north
and between the global north and south.
* Generating new kinds of research and teaching partnerships.

Topics may also include:

* Copyright challenges and strategies for digital scholarly communication.
* Web design and digitization of archives for multiple and different
constituencies (local communities, global peers).
* New forms of research, digitally based, in the humanities.

The middle part of the day on both December 2 and 3 will be given over to
concurrent sessions. People may present in any of three formats:

* An individual five-minute “lightening” talk or ten-minute lecture-style
presentation, with or without technology (e.g., PPT, Prezi)
* A panel on a common theme with short presentations to allow for discussion
time, with or without technology
* A poster project or demo for conversation in a digital display area (e.g.,
YouTube or other presentation format uploaded to conference website;
laptop-based video on a continuous loop, slidecast, interactive website;
print poster board)

Presenters will have the option of pre-circulating materials on the website
before and during the conference. (Information on an Unconference event for
December 1 forthcoming).

Deadline for submission is *September 15, 2011*. Proposals can be submitted
here: http://tinyurl.com/HASTAC2011-Proposal

Sheryl Grant
Director, Social Networking
HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation
Digital Media & Learning Competition <http://www.dmlcompetition.net/>


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