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> From: Adrian Perrig <adrian at ece.cmu.edu>
> Date: June 1, 2011 9:40:39 AM EDT
> To: ias-opportunities at cerias.purdue.edu
> Subject: [IAS-Opportunities] Full student support for Trustworthy Computing Summer School still available
> Hi,
> Full student funding for our trustworthy computing summer school is
> still available, providing for airfare, meals, and lodging! Based on
> the previous two years, students greatly appreciated and benefited
> from our program. We again have an exciting set of speakers:
> Boris Balacheff, HP
> Dave Challener, Johns Hopkins
> George Coker, USG
> Michael Donovan, HP
> Virgil Gligor, CMU
> David Grawrock, Intel
> Kari Ti Kostiainen, Nokia
> Fred Leong, USG
> Andrew Martin, Oxford University
> Jon McCune, CMU
> Liam O Murchu, Symantec
> Dimitrios Pendarakis, IBM
> Ron Perez, AMD
> Ariel Segall, MITRE
> Bob Thibadeau, Wave Systems
> Michael Wei, UCSD
> Please forward this message to students who may be interested in
> attending. Hope to see you at TIW!
>  Adrian
> TIW 2011: Third Annual Trusted Infrastructure Workshop:
> Advanced Summer School on Architectures for Trustworthy Computing
> 19-23 June 2011, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, USA
> http://www.cylab.cmu.edu/tiw
> Co-located with TRUST conference 2011: http://www.trust2011.org
> 4th International Conference on Trust and Trustworthy Computing
> REGISTRATION NOW OPEN - access directly or from event website
> https://web.campusservices.cmu.edu/conferences/registration.taf?ID=2011TIW
> *** TIW Overview ***
> When IT infrastructure technologies fail to keep pace with emerging
> threats, we can no longer trust them to sustain the applications we
> depend on in both business and society at large.
> Ranging from Trusted Computing, to machine virtualization, new
> hardware architectures, and new network security architectures, and
> the challenges arising from the increasing ubiquity of sensitive
> operations on mobile devices, trusted infrastructure technologies
> attempt to place security into the very design of commercial
> off-the-shelf technologies.
> The TIW is an open innovation event modeled as a highly interactive
> summer school, consisting of lectures, workshops, and other lab
> sessions.  TIW is a collaboration between government, academia, and
> industry intended to benefit the cybersecurity research and
> development agenda by bringing together researchers in the field.  It
> is aimed at bringing together researchers in the field of IT security
> with an interest in systems and infrastructure security, as well as MS
> or PhD students who are new to the field.  Funding is available to
> support student attendance (see below).
> We will have security leaders from academia, government, and industry
> providing lectures and leading discussions, labs, and research
> workshops.
> *** Agenda Highlights: Lots of new material vs. last year! ***
> - Plenary keynote lecture with TRUST 2011: 4th International
> Conference on Trust and Trustworthy Computing
> http://www.trust2011.org/
> Liam O Murchu - Reverse Engineering the Stuxnet Worm
> - Capture the Flag: hands-on, event-long competition leveraging
> trusted computing technologies
> - Combined gala dinner with TRUST 2011 attendees
> Learn about the very latest research in the area
> - Social outing: watch the Pittsburgh Pirates play baseball in the
> world-renowned PNC Park overlooking beautiful downtown Pittsburgh
> - Multiple technology lectures, research workshops, and hands-on labs.
> Learn more about open-source tools that can be used today
> For more details on the workshop and how to register, please visit
> http://www.cylab.cmu.edu/tiw
> *** Full support student scholarships available! ***
> Sponsors are providing student support in the form of scholarships to
> aid selected students to attend the workshop. The scholarship includes
> coverage of all costs of workshop attendance, including airfare (up to
> $500), lodging, and meals. Interested students should register online
> and include a brief statement detailing the reason why they would like
> to attend. While sponsorships are available in priority to students
> from US academia, a small number of sponsorships can will be given to
> foreign students, but may not cover full travel or visa fees.
> TIW Sponsors:
> - Carnegie Mellon CyLab
> - NSF
> - HP Labs
> - Microsoft
> - Google
> - Wave Systems
> Contact:
> Registration / logistical details: Tina Yankovich <tinay at andrew.cmu.edu>
> Technical details: Jonathan McCune <jonmccune at cmu.edu>
> Venue:
> CyLab, Carnegie Mellon University
> CIC Building
> 4720 Forbes Avenue
> Pittsburgh, PA 15213
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