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2012 World of Health IT Call for Papers*

*The 2012 World of Health IT will take place in conjunction with eHealth
Week 2012 to be organized in Copenhagen, Denmark 7-9 May 2012*

As a stakeholder in the development of the 2012 World of Health IT
Conference, we wish to inform you that the WoHIT 2012 Programme Advisory
Committee has opened the Call for Papers. *New for 2012, submissions must
specifically address one of the 7 session themes selected below*.

Successful submissions will closely address the selected session's theme and
provide practical information to assist European healthcare professionals in
the betterment of healthcare through the effective use of information

Session abstracts submitted should not exceed 200 words and should be
concise, noting the achievement, resulting benefits and the speakers who can
effectively deliver the presentation.

Submissions should be made by e-mail to
callforpapers at worldofhealthit.organd no later than September 1st 2011.

Papers will be reviewed by the Programme Committee by mid-September. Please
include the full contact information of the submitter--additional clarifying
detail may be needed as part of the Programme Advisory Committees review of
the papers.

   1. *Healthcare IT: Beyond the Technology: A session series that looks
   beyond the technical implications of successful IT implications*
      - Health Outcomes and/or**
      - Patient Satisfaction and Customer Service and/or
      - Reducing the possibility for Medical Errors and improving patient

       2. *eHealth Empowered Nursing:* This session should offer one or more
   case studies examining the conversion of a paper based care delivery and the
   proven practical benefits to the nurse, the patient and the organization
   through fully digitized nurse.

    3. *Ambulatory Clinical Settings and IT Empowerment:*  This session
   should examine the GP's Surgery and other ambulatory settings as the pillars
   of low cost and practical settings to deal with frequent management of
   chronic disease.  This session should show the way forward for the effective
   digitization of small to mid-size GP practices.

    4. *Nation Building:  Assembling a national, regional, local exchange of
   health information:*  This session should describe best known practices
   of assembling all of the stakeholders in the healthcare continuum into a
   collaborative effort that achieves health information exchange:
      - Policy Maker Perspectives
      - Hospital Management
      - CIO/IT Directors perspectives
      - Clinicians
      - Patients and understanding customer perspectives

       5. *How is mobile technology changing healthcare?*
   This session should give solid examples of initial or advanced use of
   mobile health technology and its impact on healthcare from the provider and
   the hospital perspective.

    6. *Clinical applications: *This session should offer practical examples
   of documented cost savings and/or improved health outcomes using one or more
   of the below technologies:
      - Clinical decision support
      - Visual diagnosis
      - Emergency response systems
      - Emergency management systems
      - CPOE - Clinical Provider Order Entry
      - RFID
      - Biometrics
      - Social Media
      - Virtual technologies
      - Personalised medicine

       7. *Reporting of quality metrics - transitioning from a 20th century
   to a 21st century hospital: *This session should demonstrate practical
   examples from a local/regional/national perspective of how more transparency
   in the reporting of healthcare quality metrics has led to a more efficient
   and effective delivery of care.

   © 2011 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

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With Sincerest Best Wishes ,

Gene Loeb, Ph.D.

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