[Air-L] Seeking info about famous internet people *not* from North America

Sue Thomas Sue.Thomas at dmu.ac.uk
Sat Mar 5 00:14:06 PST 2011

Dear all


Can anyone help me with this please? 


I'm looking for stories about people who have become well-known due to
their involvement with the internet and who are NOT NORTH AMERICAN! I'm
finding it incredibly difficult, and I don't know whether it's because
I'm looking in the wrong places or whether the US and Canada really do
dominate big name cyberculture.


I'm looking for people outside North America who have become famous  or
successful in net-related R&D or business or government or law, or be
influential thought-leaders, authors and critics, or are notorious for
net exploitation or crime, or are fictional or gaming cyberspace
characters, or online religious leaders etc etc.  I have a few in mind
already, of course, but my list is very short.


So, who is your country's Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Tim O'Reilly? Your
Howard Rheingold or Stewart Brand or Kevin Kelly? Your Steven Johnson or
Henry Jenkins? (You will have noticed btw that these are also all white
men, with the possible exception of Jobs, who is half-Syrian).  


Who are your internet criminals and what did they do? Do you know of any
well-known stories or urban legends about  the net which may or may not
be true? Does your country use the internet in a very
culturally-specific way?


Apart from individuals themselves, I'm also interested in
culture-specific stories such as haunted mobile phones in Malaysia or
Chinese RPGs based on the Monkey tales.


I'm sorry this is vague but hope you get the drift.  Please send
thoughts, links and ideas for reading matter to sue.thomas at dmu.ac.uk  


Don't worry if the sources are not in English.  I have access to some
translation resources.  NB You might be quoted in a book or paper but
full attribution will be given.


Many thanks





Professor Sue Thomas

Faculty of Humanities/Institute of Creative Technologies
Clephan 1.01d
De Montfort University

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