[Air-L] Papersprint "write a research paper in 4 hours" Workshop by Matthieu Latapy @ Fabelier, April 20th, 7pm

Antoine Mazières mazieres at gmx.com
Mon Mar 21 05:41:04 PDT 2011

Hi all !

Matthieu Latapy ( http://www-rp.lip6.fr/~latapy 
<http://www-rp.lip6.fr/%7Elatapy%29>)  will animate the "Paper-Sprint" 
workshop at Fabelier, Wed. 20th April 2011, 7pm.


The goal of this meeting is to explore the possibility of writing from 
scratch a (reasonably good) research paper within 4 hours.

We plan to discuss how to identify a suitable topic, a target conference 
or journal, how to gather and select ideas and references in order to 
structure the paper, and then write it down, with the most legitimate 
manners. The basics of paper submission processes will be discussed too.

In order to make the best of this event, please prepare it by selecting 
paper topics, example papers, calls for papers, suitable scientific 
ideas, etc..

Please add any suggestion to this event program by talking directly on 
Fabelier's mailing-list ( https://groups.google.com/group/fabelier?hl=fr).

All best,



Matthieu Latapy animera un atelier sur l'écriture rapide d'article de 
recherche au Fabelier, le mercredi 20 avril à 19H.
À moins qu'il n'y est que des francophones parmi les participants, 
l'atelier se déroulera en anglais.

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