[Air-L] Interested in online interview research? Join a focus group?

Janet Salmons jsalmons at vision2lead.com
Tue Mar 29 07:26:10 PDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I am new to this list ;-)

Last year I wrote a book called Online Interviews in Real Time, available
from Sage (See: http://tinyurl.com/einterview). This book focuses on
synchronous interviews conducted with or in text, videoconferencing, virtual
worlds or meeting spaces. I've edited a companion that is coming out next
fall: Cases in Online Interview Research. (See:
http://tinyurl.com/e-interview2) The new book contains 10 multi-disciplinary
cases of research with data collected from mostly synchronous interviews.
Each case is followed by two commentaries-- one by another book contributor
and one from me, using an "E-Interview Research Framework" as the basis for
my analysis.

The "E-Interview Research Framework" is a collection of models and key
questions; I created this framework to further develop and organize
materials introduced in Online Interviews in Real Time. My purpose is to
offer some guiding principles for people who are designing research with
online interviews or who are reviewing proposals for or completed studies
that include online interviews.

In mid-April I want to convene  2-3 online focus groups with people who
either a) teach research methods (qualitative), b) serve on doctoral
committees or c) are on IRB or other review boards. I want to see what
others think about this "Framework" and the key questions I've identified so
far and learn about additional questions or concerns they would have about a
research proposal or study that uses online interviews for data collection.

I am looking for a diverse group of maybe 20 people altogether. Once I see
who is participating I will schedule based on time zones. The focus groups
will be held in Adobe Connect. If you are interested please contact me
off-list: jsalmons-at-vision2lead.com. 


Janet Salmons Ph.D.
Core Faculty, Capella University School of Business and Technology &
Founder/Principal Consultant, Vision2Lead, Inc.
Site- http://www.vision2lead.com
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Boulder, CO 80306-0943

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