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> From: Mads Soegaard <mads at INTERACTION-DESIGN.ORG>
> Subject: New authoritative overview of Social Computing by Tom Erickson, IBM Research Labs
> Date: November 11, 2011 8:09:02 AM EST
> Dear friends,
> I'm happy to announce a new, *completely free*, and authoritative overview of Social Computing, which is highly relevant to anyone designing interactive products. It's written by Tom Erickson - veteran researcher at IBM Research Labs - and includes 9 HD videos filmed in Copenhagen. It also includes commentaries by renowned designers/researchers like Elizabeth Churchill - manager of the Internet Experiences group at Yahoo! - and Andrea Forte from Drexel Uni.
> These materials have taken 10 months to produce and involved 3 editors, 2 peer-reviewers, a camera crew of 2 people, 1 sound technician and 1 video editor. We've decided to continue to create world-class educational materials by elite professors and elite designers and give them to you for free. We would, however, be really grateful if you would share these materials, blog about them, or help us in other ways.
> You can watch the videos and read the full overview here:
> http://www.interaction-design.org/encyclopedia/social_computing.html
> Have a great day!
> Best wishes from Denmark,
> Mads Soegaard
> http://interaction-design.org/about

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