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*************************** CALL FOR PAPERS 
(Second Call) ***************************

SUBMISSION DUE DATE: February 15, 2012

SPECIAL ISSUE ON Information Communication Technologies for Open Business
International Journal of Information 
Communication Technologies and Human Development (IJICTHD)

Guest Editors: Hakikur Rahman and Isabel Ramos, University of Minho, Portugal

The past three decades of human development have 
seen the transformation of global economy, 
entrepreneurship, and social structure, which 
have been mainly experienced by industrialized 
nations. New approaches on interpretation and 
framework in entrepreneurship have emerged 
following neo-Schumpeterian analysis. The rise of 
a new techno-economic paradigm determines the 
emergence of an interrelated set of innovations 
at all business levels, such as production 
(product, processes, and service), organizational 
structures, and cultural models. Innovation has 
transformed from being within closed peripheries 
to open paradigm. Entrepreneurships and business 
processes are increasingly adopting open 
innovation strategies to compete in this 
globalized scenario. A concept of ‘open business’ 
is emerging surrounding the opportunities and 
constraints, and at the same time enable the 
businesses to fit into the global economy. It is 
expected that not only developed countries, but 
also, developing and transitional countries will 
be benefited from this open business concept, 
leading to a sustained business model of value chain.

An open business environment is a newly evolved 
and emerging concept in the area of 
entrepreneurships that may support establishment 
of new ventures, ICT start-ups, or even joint 
ventures. This relates to all business 
communities, especially among SMEs to enter into 
the new market and operate on a national and 
global scale from their inception, removing 
roadblocks, supporting new ways of networking, 
and taking opportunity of the networked knowledge 
domain. In this context, human development and 
innovation ecosystems remain as the main focus. 
Thus, open business context can trigger immense 
possibilities of accelerating knowledge 
acquisition, intensifying entrepreneurship 
development and improving business skills, 
therefore, leading to business sustainability in 
an era when intellectual goods will become the 
basis of developed and developing economies. This 
special issue accommodates theoretical research 
and global practices incorporating the concept of 
open business in the arena of entrepreneurship 
focusing human development aspects utilizing ICTs 
in developed and developing economies.

Topics to be discussed in this special issue 
include (but are not limited to) the following 
topics in relation to utilization of ICTs for open business:

·         Global aspects of open business
·         Information and communication 
technologies that leverage open business
·         Innovation, entrepreneurship and development
·         Open business and human development
·         Open business and innovation ecosystems
·         Open business and sustainable development
·         Open business applications and intermediaries
·         Open business barriers and challenges
·         Open business concepts and strategies
·         Open business prospects and opportunities
·         Open innovation and open business
·         Open business in developing economies

Researchers and practitioners are invited to 
submit papers for this special theme issue on 
“ICTs for Open Business” on or before November 1, 
2011. All submissions must be original and may 
not be under review by another publication. 
All submitted papers will be reviewed on a 
double-blind, peer review basis. Papers must 
follow APA style for reference citations.

ABOUT International Journal of Information 
Communication Technologies and Human Development (IJICTHD)
The mission of the International Journal of 
Information Communication Technologies and Human 
Development (IJICTHD) is to create awareness on 
how ICTs contribute to human development in 
multiple areas. This journal describes the link 
between ICTs and human development, which 
includes economic, social, and political 
development. IJICTHD identifies potential 
applications for the development of human beings 
and provides insightful analysis about those 
factors (also contextual and institutional ones) 
that affect ICTs for human development 
initiatives. Proposing strategies to both 
governments and international cooperation 
organizations for moving forward, this journal 
also addresses future challenges.

This journal is an official publication of the 
Information Resources Management Association

Editors-in-Chief: Susheel Chhabra and Hakikur Rahman
Published: Quarterly (both in Print and Electronic form)

The International Journal of Information 
Communication Technologies and Human Development 
(IJICTHD) is published by IGI Global (formerly 
Idea Group Inc.), publisher of the “Information 
Science Reference” (formerly Idea Group 
Reference), “Medical Information Science 
Reference”, “Business Science Reference”, and 
“Engineering Science Reference” imprints. For 
additional information regarding the publisher, 
please visit <http://www.igi-pub.com>www.igi-global.com.

All submissions should be should be directed to the attention of:
Hakikur Rahman
E-mail: <mailto:email at hakik.org>email at hakik.org

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