[Air-L] NM&S: theme issue on scholarly communication

Nick Jankowski nickjan at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 15 06:10:04 PST 2011

New Media & Society is preparing a theme issue on scholarly communication
and some of the contributions are being made available for open peer review;
see special website designed for this purpose:
http://nms-theme.ehumanities.nl/. We invite persons on this list who are
interested in scholarly communication to visit the site and comment on
(sections of) these manuscripts. Instructions and further background
information can be found on the website. A more general overview of this
NM&S theme issue can be found at: http://digital-scholarship.ehumanities.nl/
We welcome your contributions to this experiment with open and single-blind
peer review.
Nick Jankowski and Steve Jones
Co-editors NM&S
New Media & Society
A Sage Publications Journal
Editors: Nicholas W. Jankowski & Steve Jones
Reviews Editor: Dave Park
North American office: Chicago; email: sjones at uic.edu
European office: Amsterdam; email: nickjan at xs4all.nl
Sage journal Web site: http://nms.sagepub.com/ 
Editors' journal Web site: http://newmediaandsociety.com
Scholarly Communication, theme issue:
Open Peer Review website: http://nms-theme.ehumanities.nl/

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