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Centennial Reflections: Marshall McLuhan's Legacy and Media Studies

Marshall McLuhan's is best known for his well-known piercing and provocative
statements such as our world has effectively become a "global village" and
that the medium is the message/massage. In celebration of his trailblazing
work, several conferences are being held around the world on how McLuhan's
writings have informed and influenced media studies. The *American
Communication Journal (ACJ) *welcomes original submissions for a special
issue on Marshall McLuhan's legacy and thought that deal with this general
question: How has McLuhan's legacy influenced media studies, particularly
our understanding of the impact of new media on society?

*ACJ* Editors seek manuscripts that tackle this question from diverse
methodologies and perspectives.  While we are especially interested in
papers that have been presented in recent conferences about McLuhan, all
submissions will be peer-reviewed. For any inquiries about potential
submissions, please contact Prof. Aziz Douai (azizdouai at gmail.com). Deadline
for Submission is November 30th, 2011. Please send your submissions to Anita
McDaniel [mcdaniela at uncw.edu] and Aziz Douai [azizdouai at gmail.com] with the
subject line [*ACJ* Special Issue: McLuhan].

About *ACJ*:  ACJ is the official peer-reviewed journal of the American
Communication Association.  Although *ACJ* publishes traditional research
regularly, *ACJ* actively seeks articles, essays and reports that make use
of hypertext, audio, video and PowerPoint-features characteristic of the
media rich environment of the Internet.  *ACJ* has been published online
since 1999 [ac-journal.org].
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