[Air-L] Gomorrah Streetview

David Boardman db at tinktank.it
Sat Sep 3 03:10:48 PDT 2011

Greetings to All,

I have been recently working on an article regarding Google Street View as a tool for environment monitoring and reporting.
To describe the core idea I leveraged the case study of the so-called Land of Fires in the Campania region (southern Italy).
While I am still researching on this idea, I have published the article on my blog:

"Gomorrah Streetview. Merging locative media with civic media: opportunities and limitations of Streetview as a tool for monitoring and reporting environmental crimes"

For a follow-up article, I am now shifting my focus on neogeographic tools for implementing DIY mapping systems for civic engagement and environment monitoring. 
I am following with interest some projects like GrassrootsMapping.org. Do you happen to know some more valuable and recent reference on this topic - papers, conferences, journals or projects?

Thanks for your attention.

David Boardman

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