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Cristian Berrio Zapata cristian.berrio at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 10:10:58 PDT 2011

Science has become like Hollywood: pop stars are required so people are
willing to do "whatever is necessary" to be a star. "Publish or die" seems
to mean "publish, be cited at any cost, and make a lot of noise as if you
were very important to become important". In this adventure of being
academic, the difference between being remembered as as an important man of
knowledge or just another romantic naive that failed, is having enough
citations to validate you.

A difficult and complex panorama to deal with... and now we will judge this
man, but scarcely will talk about the system that created and pushed him
towards such a fake.

I find it sad and disappointing not only for him, but for the system itself.
I feel we lost the track somewhere...

2011/9/8 Aldo de Moor <ademoor at communitysense.nl>

> A huge science fraud case has exploded here in Tilburg yesterday.
> Diederik Stapel was professor and dean of the Tilburg School of Social
> & Behavioral Sciences. He is one of the best published social
> scientists in the Netherlands, but turns out to have fabricated large
> amounts of his research data:
> http://news.sciencemag.org/scienceinsider/2011/09/dutch-university-sacks-social.html
> Another road kill of the publish or perish rat race? Another reason
> for thinking about new ways of doing science that are more in line
> with the true needs of the individuals that do it, and society that
> needs it? Another reason for more community-oriented forms of doing
> research?
> Aldo
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