[Air-L] book of potential interest

Jennifer S. Earl jearl at soc.ucsb.edu
Thu Sep 15 15:46:37 PDT 2011

I wanted to email about Digitally Enabled Social Change, which is a book by 
myself and Katrina Kimport that came out with MIT Press earlier this year-- 
I thought I had already sent a note to the listserv, but I don't think I 
did after all. So, here's the Amazon permalink: <http://amzn.com/0262015102>

Although the hardback came out in March, the kindle edition just came out, 
so I thought I would take the opportunity to email folks about it. The book 
is blurbed by Doug McAdam, Andrew Chadwick, Lance Bennett, and Mary Grey on 
the hardback dust cover. The focus of the book is online activism. If you 
are interested in the topic area, I hope you will check it out.



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