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Call for Participation
ISPR 2011
International Society for Presence Research Annual Conference

Edinburgh, Scotland
October 26 - 28, 2011

Academics and practitioners interested in presence (short for 
telepresence) are invited to participate in the Annual International 
Conference on Presence, to be held in Edinburgh on October 
26-28, 2011. The presence community comprises researchers in 
communication, computer science, psychology, entertainment, 
philosophy, the arts, education and other fields.

Presence exists in two overlapping flavours - social presence and 
spatial presence. Social presence is the sense, the feeling and 
the experience of being with other people mediated by 
technologies such as teleconferencing, collaborative virtual 
environments, social networking, mobile communications and so 
on. In contrast, spatial presence is the sense, the feeling and the 
experience of being in another place by way of technologies such 
as immersive and non-immersive virtual reality, movies, games, 
mixed reality systems and books.

ISPR 2011 is the 13th international conference on presence and 
is co-organized by the International Society for Presence 
Research (http://ispr.info) and the Centre for Interaction Design at 
Edinburgh Napier University (http://www.napier.ac.uk/).

The provisional programme and full details regarding the 
conference are available at

** Note that next year´s conference, ISPR 2012, will take place in 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) October 24-26; call for papers 
and more details coming soon! **

ISPR 2011 programme highlights are listed below. We hope you 
can join us!

Professor Steve Benford, Nottingham University, England
Professor Guiseppe Riva, University of Milan, Italy

The Influence of 3D Screenings on Presence and Perceived 
S. Sobieraj and Nicole C. Krämer

The Pleasure of Being (There?). An Explorative Study into the 
Effects of Presence and Identification on the Enjoyment of an 
Interactive Theatrical Performance using Omni-Directional Video
J. Decock, J. Van Looy, Lizzy Bleumers and P. Bekaert

Teaching Presence - Reflections from ten years teaching on 
presence design and production 
L. Handberg, C. Gullström and A. Jonsson

Understanding Social Presence
Daniel Gooch and Leon Watts

Why Telepresence Matters: A Personal Answer to the "So What?" 
Matthew Lombard

Developing a Study-Site on Witnessed Presence
Caroline Nevejan

Contested Staring: Issues and the use of mutual gaze as an 
on-line measure of social presence
S. Dalzel-Job, Jon Oberlander and T.J. Smith

Social Psychological Effects of Eye Contact in Mediated 
Communication: A Literature Review
A. Bober and W. Ijsselsteijn

Choosing Buddy Icons that Look Like me or Represent My 
K. Nowak and S. Gomes 

Telepresence and Attention: Secondary Task Reaction Time and 
Media Form
C. Campanella Bracken, G. Pettey and M. Wu

Influence of shifting attention and absorption on spatial presence 
M. Lukowska

>From Sensory Dream to Television Format: Gathering User 
Feedback on the Use and Experience of Omnidirectional 
Video-based Solutions
Lizzy Bleumers, B. Lievens and J. Pierson

Historical Provocations: Postal Presence, Intimate Absence and 
Public Privacy
E. Milne

Let´s do the Time Warp again - Subjective and Behavioral 
Presence Measurement in the Augmented Reality Game 
J. Klatt, S. Ten Broeke, A. Von Der Pütten, A.-C. Schütz, Jens 
Vervoort, Roderick Mccall, Nicole Krämer, Richard Wetzel, Lisa 
Blum and Leif Oppermann

Measuring Telepresence: The Validity of The Temple Presence 
Inventory (TPI) in a Gaming Context
Matthew Lombard, Lisa Weinstein and Theresa Ditton

Watching vs. Playing: Effects of Violent Media on Presence, 
Physiological Arousal and Aggressive Cognitions
Y. Jung, M. Skoric, J. Huem Kwon and B. Detenber

The Cyborg Habitus: Presence, Posthumanism, and Mobile 
J. Czaja

A Qualitative Investigation into the Dissociation of Source From 
Content under Narrative Conditions
W. Weaver, C. Campanella Bracken, G. Pettey and E. Babin

The Book Problem Is All In The Mind
P. Turner and S. Turner

Self-Presence in Online Gamers: Differences in Gender and 
Rabindra Ratan

"Being (t)here": the Presence of Place during sessions in Second 
Maeva Veerapen

Time.deltaTime: The Vicissitudes of Presence in Visualizing 
Roman Houses with Game Engine Technology
David Fredrick

Do you Feel As If You Are There? Measuring Presence in 
Anna Spagnolli and Cheryl Campanella Bracken

PANEL: Digital Tourism
Chair: David Benyon, Edinburgh Napier University
Panelists: Aaron Quigley, St Andrews University; others tbc

PANEL: A Project for the Presence Community: The 
Telepresence Timeline
Chair: Matthew Lombard
Panelists: Wijnand Ijsselsteijn, Frank Biocca

Matthew Lombard, Ph.D.
Temple University
International Society for Presence Research (ISPR)

lombard at temple.edu

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