[Air-L] Social Media and Latin America, Part II

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Tue Sep 27 19:17:00 PDT 2011

Cyberactivism researchers:

>From Brazil:

Henrique Antoun <hantoun at gmail.com> - researcher from UFRJ who specifically
study social media as a tool for mobilization and political action. I think
his approach is focused on Negri and Delleuze ideas.

Sergio Amadeu <samadeu at gmail.com> - researcher from Sao Paulo. He not only
is a researcher but is also a cyberactivist.

Special Double Issue on the Internet and Community Informatics in Brazil:



Internet use in Brazil: speeding up or lagging behind?

Gilda Olinto, Suely Fragoso


Participation and Deliberation on the Internet: A Case Study of Digital
Participatory Budgeting in Belo Horizonte

Rafael Cardoso Sampaio, Rousiley Celi Moreira Maia, Francisco Paulo Jamil
Almeida Marques

Participatory Development of Technologies as a Way to Increase Community
Participation: the Cidade de Deus Web Portal Case

Celso Alexandre Souza de Alvear, Michel Thiollent

Mastering Of Hypermedia Resources By Virtual Learning Communities:
Possibilities And Constraints For Interaction, Communication And
Construction Of Network Knowledge.

Carla Lopes Rodrigues, José Armando Valente

Situating Learning for Digital Inclusion in the Social Context of

Fabio Nauras Akhras

Garden of Literacies: ICDT Contributing to the Construction of New Realities
for Digitally-Excluded Senior Citizens

Ivan Ferrer Maia, José Armando Valente

Evaluating ICT Adoption in Rural Brazil: A Quantitative Analysis of
Telecenters as Agents of Social Change

Paola Prado, Mauro Araújo Câmara, Marco Aurélio de Figueiredo


The School of the Future / USP: Twenty Years of Vanguard in Social Networks

Brasilina Passarelli

The Rede Brasil De Bibliotecas Comunitárias: A Space For Sharing Information
And Building New Knowledge

Elisa Campos Machado, Geraldo Moreira Prado, Abraão Antunes da Silva,
Jailton Lira, Kleber Tadashi

The Development of an Information System for the Solidarity Economy Movement

Alan Freihof Tygel, Celso Alexandre Souza de Alvear

Researching about the uses of internet / social media and twitter in

Maria Isabel Neuman = mneumang at gmail.com <mneumang at gmail.comForthcoming>

<mneumang at gmail.comForthcoming>

journal issue devoted to politics and cyber society in Latin America:


Sexual politics:

Friedman, Elisabeth J. (2007). Lesbians in (cyber)space: the politics of the
internet in Latin American on- and off-line communities, Media Culture
Society September 2007 vol. 29 no. 5 790-811.

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