[Air-L] Badges 101 Webinar: Thursday, October 6 @ 3pm EST

Sheryl Grant sherylgrant at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 18:31:54 PDT 2011

The *Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition*<http://www.dmlcompetition.net/>
<http://www.dmlcompetition.net/>has launched a broad, open, critical, and
constructive conversation about digital badges, visual representations of
21st century skills and achievements. We invite you to learn more about open
badges and this Competition during a series of interactive webinars hosted
by the Mozilla Foundation <http://www.mozilla.org/> and the HASTAC/MacArthur
Foundation Digital Media & Learning Competition.

During our first Badges 101 webinar, we will address questions about the
basics of badges: What are badges? What are open badges? How can badges work
for learners? We will also address additional questions about badges as
submitted by webinar participants. Questions can be submitted in advance by
emailing dml at hri.uci.edu <dml at hri.uci.edu?subject=Webinar%20question> and
including "webinar question" in the subject line.

*Badges 101 takes place Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 3pm EST / 12pm PST *

   - Time: 3pm EST / 12pm PST
   - Duration: 50 minutes
   - Location: GoToWebinar at
   *Advanced registration recommended, but not required. Webinar will open
   at 2:45 PM EST to allow registrants time to establish access to the webinar
   - Hosted By:
      - Cathy Davidson, Duke University Professor  and HASTAC Co-Founder;
      - Sheryl Grant, Director of Social Networking, HASTAC/MacArthur
      Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition;
      - Erin Knight,  Assessment and Badge Project Lead, Mozilla and P2PU;
      - Matt Thompson, Education Lead, Mozilla Foundation;
      - Carla Casilli, Project Manager, Open Badges, Mozilla Foundation.

An archived version of this event will be available at
dmlcompetition.net. Information
about other upcoming Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition webinars will
be available at http://www.dmlcompetition.net/Blog/

*About the Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition*
The HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation’s Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition,
launched in collaboration with the Mozilla Foundation, focuses on badges as
a means to inspire learning, confirm accomplishment, or validate the
acquisition of knowledge or skills. To learn more about the Badges
Competition and the Research Competition, visit http://dmlcompetition.net.

Sheryl Grant
Director, Social Networking
HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation
Digital Media & Learning Competition <http://www.dmlcompetition.net/>
Duke University
Box 90403
114. S. Buchanan Blvd., Bay 5
Durham, NC 27708-0403


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