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Anyone interested in research on pornography may want to take a look at
this project, http://pornresearch.org/ which is being led by Clarissa
The questionnaire is now closed but we'll be releasing some information
about our initial findings by the end of October.


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>"From: Jim Parker <drjparker at gmail.com>
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>Subject: Re: [Air-L] Men and the Internet
>Here is a book that looks at lots of data to see what kind of porn both
>and women search.
>That's also a book whose authors got slammed for their misogyny,
>transphobia, homophobia, also for their unethical (questioning minors
>their sexual practices without parental consent among others), biased, and
>unscientific gathering of data, lack of IRB approval, and pretending to
>the blessing of a reputable institution. Sort of representing the worst
>evolutionary psychology has to offer.
>Critique of the research the book is based on:
>Reviews & tags on amazon.com:
>This is the only book there with a "your sample population hates you now"
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