[Air-L] grading schemes that emulate gaming achievements, quests, etc.

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Here are some resources/links to resources that I've found helpful, from
educators who have implemented "gaming grading strategies."

   - Perhaps the most well-known is the work of Lee Sheldon (game designer
   & professor), who implemented a "gamified" grading strategy in 2009-2010. A
   more current version (I think) of his syllabus can be found

(or <http://gamingtheclassroom.wordpress.com/syllabus/> if you don't have
embedded links).

   - There's also Lee Sheldon's book, The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing
   Coursework as a
think it's very interesting/practical) <

   - An 2010 blog post with some bullet-point-based advice on how to
   implement Lee's model:
   - A more interesting recent post, just after GLS 8.0 (2012), covering
   some of the debate:
   - Here's a citation for a really nice article by Joey Lee/Jessica Hammer
   (Teachers College, Columbia U, NY) about "gamification": Lee, J. J., &
   Hammer, J. (2011). *Gamification in Education: What, How, Why
Bother?* *Academic
   Exchange Quarterly*, 15(2), 146–151.

Beyond Lee Sheldon....

   - Dan Hickey, Indiana University, has also done research on
   assessment/peer assessment, and he has written some thoughtful posts
   recently about "Badges" as an assessment tool: -
      - http://remediatingassessment.blogspot.com/

*Caveat:* From an academic/research/awareness perspective, I have found the
resources above quite helpful. HOWever, I personally have only implemented
one component of the multiple strategies for "gaming a classroom" - as a
member of a research team that designed a little "badge-based" assessment
into an Alternate Reality Game with middle schoolers last year. We found it
worked fairly well in terms of student-engagement and pride in
accomplishment, but the game was relatively short (consequently, not sure
how it would have done in long-term), and we did not have a "control group"
to compare against, as it was mostly exploratory.

I'm very interested to what others who have done more
experimentation/implementation have to say!

Hope this is helpful,
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> Hi All,
> I recall a few people who have discussed various "gaming grading
> strategies."  In theory, these can streamline the grading process, enhance
> student awareness and tracking of their progress through our courses, etc,
> but I have not actually gotten any detail on how this actually works in
> practice.
> If anyone on this list has experimented with such grading methods, or can
> point me to a few links they might know of that can provide this sort of
> info, please pass along.  I have several colleagues interested in the
> possibilities.
> Thanks
> -rob
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