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Message from the sender: Mike, this is very interesting, a reaction to the
charges of the largest publisher of scientific journals 

As  <http://chronicle.com/article/As-Journal-Boycott-Grows/130600/> Journal
Boycott Grows, Elsevier Defends Its Practices 

A protest by scholars, the suppliers of journal articles, could signal
trouble for the publisher. The company says its pricing and the value it
offers are misunderstood.

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As  <http://chronicle.com/article/As-Journal-Boycott-Grows/130600/> Journal
Boycott Grows, Elsevier Defends Its Practices 
steam-among-academics/35216> Publishing Boycott Gathers Steam Among
U.S.  <http://chronicle.com/article/US-Agency-Will-Offer/130597/> Agency
Will Offer $100-Million to Universities to Study Development Issues 
For  <http://chronicle.com/article/For-Biddy-Martin-a-New-Test/130477/>
Biddy Martin, a New Test of Leadership 
of-admissions-data/29575> SAT Scores Reveal 'Elasticity of Admissions Data' 

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