[Air-L] Test the Full Twitter Fire Hose

Stuart Shulman stuart.shulman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 04:06:56 PST 2012

DiscoverText (http://DiscoverText.com <http://discovertext.com/>) is
launching a second beta test period using "Power Track for Twitter Fire
Hose Filtering" a service provided by GNIP. We have streamlined the process
of providing 30-days of Enterprise class access to the beta test. This beta
includes access to an expanding set of tools for archiving, filtering,
coding, validating and machine classifying text. You can train a machine
classifier in about 30 minutes to perform a custom classification scheme.

The GNIP PowerTrack, in partnership with Twitter, provides users with
unrestricted, real-time filtering of the Twitter Firehose. This enriched
feature for DiscoverText provides a valuable analytical tool to our users.
Not only will the GNIP PowerTrack provide users with access to the full
stream of Fire Hose data, it will also provide Klout scores, language data,
re-tweet frequency, geographic coordinates, and all #hashtags where
available in the results. Taken together, this quantity of data and rich
metadata fields will allow users to perform valuable social media analysis
within DiscoverText.

For more information: info at DiscoverText.com

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