[Air-L] Looking for gendered contributor statistics for online encyclopedias

Kristin Eckert keckert at jmail.umd.edu
Fri Feb 10 14:14:39 PST 2012

Hi AIR-Community,

I am finishing a study about the Wikipedia gender gap and am looking 
for gendered contributor/editor/author statistics for other 
online-based encyclopedias or similar enterprises such as Citizendium 
and Everything2. I haven't had much luck looking around on their 
original websites, their available statistics, our university's 
databases, Google Scholar etc. and would be very grateful for any 

Thank you very much & have a good weekend!

Best regards,
Stine Eckert


Stine Eckert
PhD Student
Philip Merrill College of Journalism | University of Maryland | Knight 
Hall 2100N
College Park, MD 20742 | USA
keckert at jmail.umd.edu

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