[Air-L] Tool to Download Websites?

Kathleen Stansberry kpontius at uoregon.edu
Sun Feb 12 21:33:02 PST 2012

I¹m working on a project that involves conducting a cluster analysis (type
of textual analysis based on Kenneth Burke¹s work) on the content of five
different websites. I want to download the full content of these five sites
so I have hard copies to work from during the rather arduous process of
going through and categorizing the text.

Can anyone recommend a good program to download full websites (to a page
depth of at least 3)? I¹ve been using SiteSucker but am finding it a bit

Thank you!

Kathleen Stansberry
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Oregon
School of Journalism and Communication
kpontius at uoregon.edu
(541) 228-5576 

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