[Air-L] Interest in roundtable interrogating the "crazy bitch" online?

Terri Senft tsenft at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 09:28:54 PST 2012

Dear Super Friends of AoIR:

I think I'd like to do a roundtable for the 2012 Conference called,
"Technologies of the Crazy Bitch Online."

The plan would be to use disability studies and critical feminist/race
theory to think through what is gained and lost by limiting
conversations about "internet public spheres" to those who are seen as
rational, logical, or sexually appropriate.

If you are interested in perhaps being part of this, or maybe doing a
Birds of a Feather thing around mental health and the net--with a
disability studies focus, please--give me a shout via email!

Okay? Okay!



Dr. Theresa M. Senft
Global Liberal Studies Program
School of Arts & Sciences
New York University
726 Broadway  NY NY 10003

home: www.terrisenft.net
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