[Air-L] New EU project on mobile solutions for migrants integration

Stefano Kluzer s.kluzer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 09:24:32 PST 2012

Dear all:

Maseltov (www.maseltov.eu/) is a new FP7 ICT project just started
(January 2012), due to last for 3 years.
It will develop and test mobile-based applications/services designed
to support migrants in Europe (so called Third Country nationals) and
those working with/for them (migrants associations, NGOs, service
providers etc.) in addressing the challenges of integration (see
Maseltov will target disadvantaged segments of the migrant population,
to be jointly identified with the three NGO partners in London, Madrid
and Graz (Austria).
Maseltov's solutions will focus on three critical needs/domains
-learning/skilling; information assistance; social networking and
community participation- with a special attention to enhancing
migrants' employability, which is a crucial condition for integration.

In the first step of the project, we are gathering information on
existing projects and initiatives in Europe and elsewhere which have
been addressing the above issues and target groups, and where mobile
devices and ICT in general can be seen to play an important role.
We undertake this initial research step, because we would like to know
better what has been done already and especially the lessons learnt
that could help us in the new project.
If you have any suggestions in this respect (and links to online
resources and websites, people to contact etc.), please just send them
to me.

Thank you in advance for any help and best regards,

Stefano Kluzer


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