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I apologize that the message i sent below was not more transparent.   I
expected most people here
to have some knowledge of the early history of arpanet and other associated
But email/message systems were started very early in the late 60's and by
1978 they were all
over the place with companies and universities using them.   To put out a
newspaper article that
someone in 1978 had sort of invented the field was a bit much for many old
timers.  Since that
message lots of comments have appeared on the Washington post article and
the paper has made
corrections and realized that a copyright of a single program is not a
trademark for the term.
It was as pad as claims by some politicians that they are responsible for
    In 1971 i approached Larry Roberts and asked him to release some data
and specifications on the use of messaging on the
arrpanet so i could compare it to what i was doing at OEP with EMISARI.
This had a complete message subsystem.
i was told by an anonymous party that they did not want to admit that
messaging was teh most popular and used
application on the ARPANET for fear congress would cut off some of their
funding for using such an expensive research
system for replacing 10 cent letters rather than the types of applications
they had sold the arpanet on!!

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Some of you who are interested in the history of our field might find this
as disturbing as i did.

* The inventor of e-mail on innovation and his path to the
 V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai spoke about the discovery he made at the age of 14,
and his path from a New Jersey high school to the Smithsonian.
 ( by Emi Kolawole , The Washington Post)

he discovered e-mail in 1978!!!!    It seems MIT and the Smithsonian have
agreed on this..

*Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Information Systems, NJIT
homepage: http://is.njit.edu/turoff
*Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Information Systems, NJIT
homepage: http://is.njit.edu/turoff

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