[Air-L] Call for Proposals for Projects to be Funded

Richard Taylor rdt4 at psu.edu
Thu Feb 23 16:43:11 PST 2012

PTC Project Request for Proposals

The Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) (www.ptc.org/) invites
proposals for the funding of applied research projects that promote the use
of telecommunications and information and communication technologies to
enhance the lives of the people of the Asia/Pacific Hemisphere.  

This PTC Project Request for Proposals is open to all PTC Members.
Non-Members can also be eligible to submit proposals, either by becoming a
Member of PTC or by submitting a proposal in partnership with one or more
PTC Members.  A list of PTC members can be found at:
http://www.ptc.org/index.php/council/membership/ptc-members/.  A broad range
of projects will be considered for support.  Final selections will be based
on the scope and scale of the proposals submitted. 
All proposed Projects must be limited in duration and in general be designed
to take no longer than one year to complete.  Projects proposing a longer
duration will require additional review, and if approved, will be subject to
a progressive review as necessary before an extension is authorized to
continue past the first 12 months. 

While no specific budget amount is being identified for any individual
projects, funding is limited.  Therefore, Projects requiring US$40,000 or
less are preferred. Projects requiring more than US$40,000 will receive
additional scrutiny and may require additional details beyond those
specified in the full Project RFP.  

Proposals received by the date specified in the "Deadline" section below
will receive priority consideration.  Late proposals may be accepted or
rejected at the sole discretion of PTC.  When a Project is approved, a
specific Project contract will be drafted and the Project may begin once the
contract has been signed by the appropriate parties. 

Proposal Submission
This invitation is a summary of the project RFP.  The complete RFP is
available at http://ptc.org/?page_id=1785/.  Proposals must be submitted
through the online form available at: http://www.xcdsystem.com/ptc/.  PTC
also welcomes new members.  Here is a link to the PTC membership application
<https://registration.ptc.org/members/>  form.  

The deadline for receipt of proposals is 14 March 2012, unless extended by
PTC.  Any proposals received after the deadline, or any extended deadline,
will be considered at the sole discretion of PTC. 

February 23, 2012
Submitted by: Prof. Richard Taylor, Penn State University, rdt4 at psu.edu 

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