[Air-L] IR13 Roundtable

Andrea Guzman aguzma31 at uic.edu
Sat Feb 25 20:31:46 PST 2012

We are organizing a graduate student roundtable for #IR13 regarding our
role as academics in helping the public understand the personal and
cultural implications of new media technologies.

We will discuss and debate what our role should and could be as internet
researchers in making our research accessible to the public. We will aim
to generate questions about how, when and where our work can intersect
with the wider discussions happening every day about what it means to use
new technologies. We also will discuss what strategies might be most
effective to make our knowledge accessible to a broader audience and to
engage in discussions with the public regarding their concerns and
opinions about new media technologies. The roundtable will include a
review of some of the efforts currently underway in academic, commercial
and cultural sectors and then expand out to what our next steps could be.
Overall our goal is to establish a grassroots movement of scholars
interested in public outreach. We have included only graduate students in
this roundtable as a way to encourage emerging scholars to think about
their role in society beyond the confines of the academic institution.

If you are interested in joining our roundtable, please contact Andrea
Guzman offlist at aguzma31 at uic.edu. Please include a short explanation of
what you think you can bring to the roundtable as well as a brief
description of who you are (institution, degree you're seeking, etc...)


Andrea L. Guzman, M.A. Communication Studies
PhD student and COMM 140 instructor
Department of Communication
University of Illinois at Chicago
aguzma31 at uic.edu

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