[Air-L] Seeking references to philosophical perspective on digital culture and social media

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 26 13:29:52 PST 2012

I took a course on computer ethics and can share the references to that
courses' readings. This course really set my direction to finding AoIR
having read many members works over the years.

There is some writing on computer errors /ethical situations, computers and
Marxism and leading into Intellectual property and workplace control issues
and lots written on computers and laws including criminal and civil law.

That's mostly where I have connected computers to philosophy. That is in

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Dear all,

I would appreciate your help in finding papers and books that employ
philosophical concepts to explain the impact of current technology or even
predict human change based on social media and digital culture. For example,
Slavoy Zizek's latest writing, Roger Silverstone's writing on "proper
distance", Bauman's writing on presence and mobile telephony and even
Turkle's latest book. Anything similar goes.

Thank you,

Carmel L. Vaisman, PhD.
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