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Ren Reynolds ren at aldermangroup.com
Tue Feb 28 14:13:29 PST 2012

[apologies for cross posting]

As some will know I've been very active policy making circles for the last few years through the (not for profit) Virtual Policy think tank I set up a while ago - we are doing quite a lot with the UK Government, Council of Europe, Internet Governance Forum, OECD etc…and this year are looking to expand in a few directions. 

The first new front is a series of podcasts in topic that are designed to be of interest to both industry (games / social media / emerging media), policy makers and academics. The first three are up and the next is out next week - it's all about Bitcoin. 

I'm e'ing just to let you all know, as I hope people find them interesting. Also I'm very keen on showcasing academic work to industry and policy makers - so if you are working on something that you think might be relevant, and we can get the essence of it over in 15 min or so, do contact me. Also if you are interested in getting more involved in the policy or governance side of things please drop me a line. 

I'm considering starting a second podcast that goes a lot deeper into the topics and is very much focused on academics - but I'm wondering if there would be an audience for it outside this list and the AoIR folk, thoughts would be welcome.

Virtually Policy, so far...
Dutch Supreme Court on Virtual Theft

From Ghana to Second Life – public diplomacy in the digital age

Virtual Currencies & Roach Motels 

Bitcoin and human rights 
… next week



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