[Air-L] teaching social computing / critical social media?

dan mcquillan dan at internetartizans.co.uk
Tue Jul 3 14:14:05 PDT 2012

hi there

in the last academic year i prototyped a 20 week course for 2nd year
computing students called 'social computing'. i append below the
syllabus and a link to the blog where the raw(!) slides and lecture
notes can be found under a CC-by-nc-sa license.

i'll also be teaching a 1st year version this year, and an MA module.
i'd be interested to hear from anyone who's also teaching a social
computing / critical social media course or similar, especially with
ideas and/or notes to share :).

the syllabus:
1. the emergence of web 2.0
2. internet infrastructure & global social media
3. seeing through social networks
4. the dark side of social networks
5. open source code, copyright & culture
6. programming & participatory culture
7. computing and crowds
8. crowdsourcing, flashmobs & crowdfunding
9. social computing & business
10. social business
11. datascapes 1: tracking, scraping & opendata
12. datascapes 2: visualisation & big data
13. liveness
14. mobile
15. civic hacking
16. civic hacking case studies
17 hackspaces & 3D printing
18 getting stuff done: agile, lean & startups
19 critical theory
20 review (pub quiz!)

thanks to barry wellman for the heads up on 'Networked'.



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