[Air-L] WCEIT2012 - a real conference?

Maria Eronen m85327 at student.uwasa.fi
Sun Jul 15 23:19:36 PDT 2012


Has anyone of you received an invitation to WCEIT2012 "Emerging  
infotech" conference taking place in China, at the end of August. Or  
have you heard about the conference at all? During the past two  
months, I have received some emails from "Mavis", "Hailey3@" etc.  
inviting me to give a speech (no one invites a PhD students to give a  
speech) and paying the registration fee of about 1500 dollars. These  
emails have been sent automatically and they call me by my name.  
Here's the website: http://www.bitconferences.com/wceit2012/


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