[Air-L] Any room for our new social software!

laetitia le chatton laetitia.lechatton at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 03:22:44 PDT 2012

Dear scholars,

I am a freshly gradutated master student in digital culture (ex humanistic
informatics) from the University of Bergen in Norway. I presented a master
thesis describing the vision I had of a new kind of social software you
will find different from the existing twitters, facebook and co.
Me and my small team of engineers have been developing the Socrator :
"Upload your idea and make it chat!"

Shortly, the Socrator is a motor for conversations

- some users create and store interactive conversations on any topic,
uploading all kinds of multimedia material they find necessary to the
- other users are meant to have these conversations: they access this
material by having a chat with the Socrator

-Søkrat was a java desktop prototype for 2 years during the elaboration of
my master thesis
-now the Socrator is becoming web technology and will have much more
elaborated skills ( sept 2012 first version)

I was wondering if any of you heard about strategies to get financial
support in IT projects from the European Union (i am French) or from
scandinavian governments (but the whole team leaves in Norway)

Naturally; I am also open to propositions for articles or conferences
I could use as a platform to describe the Socrator technology

The student lifestyle doesn't get what big ideas are about! hehe
Looking forward to see your answers
private email at laetitia at socratons.com


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