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As of this moment, the submission system says:

"Deadline: 2nd Mar 2012, 11:59:59pm New York, US, Time left: 1 day 9 hours"

BUT! The website officially says:

"Submissions Due: 1 March 2012 (Papers, Panels and Pre-Workshops. Details below.)
  NOTE: The submission deadline is a HARD DEADLINE; there will be NO extensions to this date."

Looks like the system is set to US Eastern Time/New York. According to the official deadline that has been posted since the CFP went out, that gives you until midnight tonight (in just under 10 hours). But the system may stay open past that by another day. I wouldn't press your luck on the deadline, though - aim for tonight.

A note to folks who (like me) encountered some issues with the word count in the submission system. Max word count is 800 words. In Word, my submission was 760 words and I was still being told it was too long. A possible solution is to shorten any URLs you may have in the body or reference list. It seems to count each part of a URL as a word.



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Can someone tell me what time (& timezone) the deadline is? I cannot seem to find it in the call or on the website.

Thank you,
Kelly Boudreau

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 10:59 AM, Attwood, Feona <F.Attwood at shu.ac.uk>wrote:

> Internet Research 13.0: Technologies
> The 13th Annual International and Interdisciplinary Conference of the 
> Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)
> October 18-21, 2012
> MediaCity:UK - University of Salford
> Salford - Greater Manchester - UK
> http://ir13.aoir.org
> Submission here: https://www.conftool.com/aoir-ir13/
> Internet Research 13.0 will focus on the theme of technologies, 
> understood in the broadest sense as crafts, techniques, and systems. 
> The conference will examine the place of the Internet in the 
> contemporary world and in relation to a range of existing and emerging 
> technologies, considering its impact in a context where life is 
> entangled with technologies of all kinds as never before. The 
> conference will bring together scholars, researchers, students and 
> practitioners from many disciplines to map and situate the development of the Internet as part of the history of human technology.
> To this end, we call for papers, panel and pre-conference workshop 
> proposals from any discipline, methodology, community or a combination 
> of them that address the conference themes, including, but not limited 
> to, papers that intersect and/or interconnect with the following:
>  *   the speed and acceleration of technological change
>  *   the past, present and future of technology
>  *   emerging and converging technologies
>  *   educational technology
>  *   cultures of crafting
>  *   connectivity and access
>  *   space, location and mobile technologies
>  *   technology, networks and attachments
>  *   technology and the body
>  *   technologies of the self
>  *   technology, regulation and ethics
> Sessions at the conference will be established that specifically 
> address the conference themes, and we welcome innovative, exciting, 
> and unexpected takes on those themes. We also welcome submissions on 
> topics that address social, cultural, political, legal, aesthetic, 
> economic, and/or philosophical aspects of the internet beyond the 
> conference themes. In all cases, we welcome disciplinary and 
> interdisciplinary submissions as well as international collaborations from both AoIR and non-AoIR members.
> We seek proposals for several different kinds of contributions. As in 
> the past, we welcome proposals for traditional academic conference 
> PAPERS, organized PANEL PROPOSALS that present a coherent group of 
> papers on a single theme, as well as PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS which 
> focus on a particular topic. We also invite proposals that will focus 
> on discussion and interaction among conference delegates. A common 
> form of this type is the ROUNDTABLE SESSION, but we would also like to 
> encourage other formats, such as OPEN FISHBOWL SESSIONS. (See the 
> Wikipedia entry under “Fishbowl (conversation)” for a description of 
> this format. Fishbowl sessions should cover broad topics of interest 
> to a wide segment of the AoIR community.) Finally, we invite short 
> 5-minute talks on topics of interest to the community as part of our 
> Ignite-IR panels. Please see below for more information on this format.
> Submissions Due: 1 March 2012 (Papers, Panels and Pre-Workshops. 
> Details
> below.)
> NOTE: The submission deadline is a HARD DEADLINE; there will be NO 
> extensions to this date.
> Notification: 1 May 2012
> Full Papers Submissions Due for inclusion in Selected Papers of IR: 1 
> July
> 2012
> Ignite-IR Final Proposal Deadline: 1 August 2012
> Ignite-IR Slides Due: 15 September 2012
> All papers and presentations will be evaluated in a standard blind 
> peer review.
> PAPERS (individual or multi-author) – submit abstract of 600-800 words
> PANEL PROPOSALS – submit a description of 600-800 words on the panel 
> theme, plus a 250-500 word abstract for each paper or presentation. 
> The panel organizer must assemble these materials for submission
> ROUNDTABLE and FISHBOWL PROPOSALS – submit a statement indicating the 
> nature of the discussion and form of interaction, and listing initial 
> participants. (In the case of a fishbowl proposal, this will include 
> the name of the moderator, and the names of the first four speakers 
> for the
> fishbowl.)
> PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS – please submit all workshop proposals via 
> email to attwood at aoir.org<mailto:attwood at aoir.org>. Workshop proposals 
> should include names of presenters and a 1,000-word description.
> IGNITE-IR – please submit a one-paragraph abstract and other information.
> Details at http://ir13.aoir.org/ignite-ir
> Papers, presentations and panels will be selected from the submitted 
> proposals on the basis of multiple blind peer review, coordinated and 
> overseen by the Program Chair. Each individual may present only one 
> paper during the conference, though they may be listed as a co-author 
> on multiple papers. In addition to this one presentation, they may 
> also appear on a panel, roundtable, or performance. The exception is 
> the Ignite-IR lightening talk, which may be in addition to any other presentations.
> Full papers submitted by the 1 July 2012 deadline will undergo review 
> to be published in an open-access, online collection, Selected Papers 
> of Internet Research (ISSN 2162-3317). A template and guidelines for 
> preparing your final paper are available on the conference website (
> http://ir13.aoir.org/papers)
> Selected papers from the conference will alternatively be published in 
> a special issue of the journal Information, Communication & Society. 
> Authors selected for submission for this issue will be contacted prior 
> to the conference.
> On 18 October 2012, there will be a limited number of pre-conference 
> workshops and symposia that will provide participants with in-depth, 
> hands-on and/or creative opportunities. We invite proposals for these 
> pre-conference workshops. Local presenters are encouraged to propose 
> workshops that will invite visiting researchers into their labs or 
> studios or locales. Proposals should be no more than 1,000 words, and 
> should clearly outline the purpose, methodology, structure, costs, 
> equipment and minimal attendance required, as well as explaining its 
> relevance to the conference as a whole. Proposals will be accepted if 
> they demonstrate that the workshop will add significantly to the 
> overall program in terms of thematic depth, hands on experience, or 
> local opportunities for scholarly or artistic connections. These 
> proposals and all inquiries regarding pre-conference proposals should 
> be submitted as soon as possible to the program chair 
> (attwood at aoir.org<mailto:attwood at aoir.org>) and no later than 1 March 2012.
> For the second year, the Internet Research conference will offer the 
> opportunity to present short, five minute talks in rapid succession.
> Presenters provide a deck of twenty slides, which will auto-advance 
> each fifteen seconds. Details on the session maybe found at the 
> conference website. Because talks are intended to be of the moment, 
> the submission deadline is much later than for papers: 1 August 2012.
> Program Chair: Feona Attwood, Communication, Sheffield Hallam 
> University, UK, email attwood at aoir.org<mailto:attwood at aoir.org>
> Local Conference Chair: Ben Light, School of Media, Music, and 
> Performance, University of Salford, email: light at aoir.org<mailto:
> light at aoir.org>
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