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Hi Kelly, 

Please see this post for details, we had a problem with the system so
we're keeping it open a little longer.



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>Can someone tell me what time (& timezone) the deadline is? I cannot seem
>to find it in the call or on the website.
>Thank you,
>Kelly Boudreau
>On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 10:59 AM, Attwood, Feona
><F.Attwood at shu.ac.uk>wrote:
>> Internet Research 13.0: Technologies
>> The 13th Annual International and Interdisciplinary Conference of the
>> Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)
>> October 18-21, 2012
>> MediaCity:UK - University of Salford
>> Salford - Greater Manchester - UK
>> http://ir13.aoir.org
>> Submission here: https://www.conftool.com/aoir-ir13/
>> Internet Research 13.0 will focus on the theme of technologies,
>> in the broadest sense as crafts, techniques, and systems. The conference
>> will examine the place of the Internet in the contemporary world and in
>> relation to a range of existing and emerging technologies, considering
>> impact in a context where life is entangled with technologies of all
>> as never before. The conference will bring together scholars,
>> students and practitioners from many disciplines to map and situate the
>> development of the Internet as part of the history of human technology.
>> To this end, we call for papers, panel and pre-conference workshop
>> proposals from any discipline, methodology, community or a combination
>> them that address the conference themes, including, but not limited to,
>> papers that intersect and/or interconnect with the following:
>>  *   the speed and acceleration of technological change
>>  *   the past, present and future of technology
>>  *   emerging and converging technologies
>>  *   educational technology
>>  *   cultures of crafting
>>  *   connectivity and access
>>  *   space, location and mobile technologies
>>  *   technology, networks and attachments
>>  *   technology and the body
>>  *   technologies of the self
>>  *   technology, regulation and ethics
>> Sessions at the conference will be established that specifically address
>> the conference themes, and we welcome innovative, exciting, and
>> takes on those themes. We also welcome submissions on topics that
>> social, cultural, political, legal, aesthetic, economic, and/or
>> philosophical aspects of the internet beyond the conference themes. In
>> cases, we welcome disciplinary and interdisciplinary submissions as
>>well as
>> international collaborations from both AoIR and non-AoIR members.
>> We seek proposals for several different kinds of contributions. As in
>> past, we welcome proposals for traditional academic conference PAPERS,
>> organized PANEL PROPOSALS that present a coherent group of papers on a
>> single theme, as well as PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS which focus on a
>> particular topic. We also invite proposals that will focus on discussion
>> and interaction among conference delegates. A common form of this type
>> the ROUNDTABLE SESSION, but we would also like to encourage other
>> such as OPEN FISHBOWL SESSIONS. (See the Wikipedia entry under ³Fishbowl
>> (conversation)² for a description of this format. Fishbowl sessions
>> cover broad topics of interest to a wide segment of the AoIR community.)
>> Finally, we invite short 5-minute talks on topics of interest to the
>> community as part of our Ignite-IR panels. Please see below for more
>> information on this format.
>> Submissions Due: 1 March 2012 (Papers, Panels and Pre-Workshops. Details
>> below.)
>> NOTE: The submission deadline is a HARD DEADLINE; there will be NO
>> extensions to this date.
>> Notification: 1 May 2012
>> Full Papers Submissions Due for inclusion in Selected Papers of IR: 1
>> 2012
>> Ignite-IR Final Proposal Deadline: 1 August 2012
>> Ignite-IR Slides Due: 15 September 2012
>> All papers and presentations will be evaluated in a standard blind peer
>> review.
>> PAPERS (individual or multi-author) ­ submit abstract of 600-800 words
>> PANEL PROPOSALS ­ submit a description of 600-800 words on the panel
>> theme, plus a 250-500 word abstract for each paper or presentation. The
>> panel organizer must assemble these materials for submission
>> ROUNDTABLE and FISHBOWL PROPOSALS ­ submit a statement indicating the
>> nature of the discussion and form of interaction, and listing initial
>> participants. (In the case of a fishbowl proposal, this will include the
>> name of the moderator, and the names of the first four speakers for the
>> fishbowl.)
>> PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS ­ please submit all workshop proposals via
>> to attwood at aoir.org<mailto:attwood at aoir.org>. Workshop proposals should
>> include names of presenters and a 1,000-word description.
>> IGNITE-IR ­ please submit a one-paragraph abstract and other
>> Details at http://ir13.aoir.org/ignite-ir
>> Papers, presentations and panels will be selected from the submitted
>> proposals on the basis of multiple blind peer review, coordinated and
>> overseen by the Program Chair. Each individual may present only one
>> during the conference, though they may be listed as a co-author on
>> papers. In addition to this one presentation, they may also appear on a
>> panel, roundtable, or performance. The exception is the Ignite-IR
>> lightening talk, which may be in addition to any other presentations.
>> Full papers submitted by the 1 July 2012 deadline will undergo review to
>> be published in an open-access, online collection, Selected Papers of
>> Internet Research (ISSN 2162-3317). A template and guidelines for
>> your final paper are available on the conference website (
>> http://ir13.aoir.org/papers)
>> Selected papers from the conference will alternatively be published in a
>> special issue of the journal Information, Communication & Society.
>> selected for submission for this issue will be contacted prior to the
>> conference.
>> On 18 October 2012, there will be a limited number of pre-conference
>> workshops and symposia that will provide participants with in-depth,
>> hands-on and/or creative opportunities. We invite proposals for these
>> pre-conference workshops. Local presenters are encouraged to propose
>> workshops that will invite visiting researchers into their labs or
>> or locales. Proposals should be no more than 1,000 words, and should
>> clearly outline the purpose, methodology, structure, costs, equipment
>> minimal attendance required, as well as explaining its relevance to the
>> conference as a whole. Proposals will be accepted if they demonstrate
>> the workshop will add significantly to the overall program in terms of
>> thematic depth, hands on experience, or local opportunities for
>> or artistic connections. These proposals and all inquiries regarding
>> pre-conference proposals should be submitted as soon as possible to the
>> program chair (attwood at aoir.org<mailto:attwood at aoir.org>) and no later
>> than 1 March 2012.
>> For the second year, the Internet Research conference will offer the
>> opportunity to present short, five minute talks in rapid succession.
>> Presenters provide a deck of twenty slides, which will auto-advance each
>> fifteen seconds. Details on the session maybe found at the conference
>> website. Because talks are intended to be of the moment, the submission
>> deadline is much later than for papers: 1 August 2012.
>> Program Chair: Feona Attwood, Communication, Sheffield Hallam
>> UK, email attwood at aoir.org<mailto:attwood at aoir.org>
>> Local Conference Chair: Ben Light, School of Media, Music, and
>> Performance, University of Salford, email: light at aoir.org<mailto:
>> light at aoir.org>
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