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Professor in Media and Communication Studies
at the Department of Informatics and Media, Uppsala University, Sweden
Application no later than 2012-11-01. UFV-PA 2012/2227

Uppsala University invites applications for the position of Chaired 
Professor in Media and Communication Studies at the Department of 
Informatics and Media.

Nature of duties
General responsibility for research and research education (Ph.D. level) 
within the field of Media and Communication Studies and responsibility 
for developing the area. Teaching and tutoring at all levels; own 
research; supplying information about research and development in the 
research field; planning and leading (including applying for research 
grants) research projects; active participation in the department's 
efforts to integrate research within Media and Communication Studies, 
Human-Computer Interaction and Information Systems (IS) (with a focus on 
the challenges within the society of digital networks). The candidate 
who is hired will have particular responsibility for the MA programs 
within the area. Administrative assignments and management functions may 
be relevant.

Required Qualifications
The eligibility criteria for employment as professor are scientific as 
well as pedagogic skills (Higher Education Ordinance Ch 4 Sec 3). 
According to the appointment regulations at UppsalaUniversity, it is 
also a general requirement that teachers have other skills which are 
necessary to carry out their duties. According to the regulations, 
scientific skills should be demonstrated through independent research 
and the scientific skills should be demonstrated through research 
activities of high international and national quality. The applicants’ 
contributions to the research area of Media and Communication Studies 
will be evaluated in terms of quality and quantity of publications in 
the most relevant journals and other prestigious research outlets within 
the field.  Experience in planning, developing and managing research 
projects are of importance, including experience attracting external 
research grants and documented experience in the supervision of Ph.D. 

To be eligible for appointment as professor applicants must have 
completed teacher training of relevance to operations at the University, 
comprising ten weeks, or have acquired the equivalent knowledge. In the 
assessment of teaching skills the following will be taken into 
consideration: planning, carrying out and evaluation of teaching as well 
as supervising activities and examination.

The ability to teach in Swedish and English is a requirement. An 
appointee that is only sufficiently proficient in one of these languages 
at the time of appointment is expected to be able to teach in the other 
within two years.

Assessment for the appointment of the professor shall be based on the 
degree of the skills required for the appointment. For this position, 
the ranking will be based primarily on the scientific and teaching 
competences of the applicants, with special emphasis on scientific 
proficiency. This order of priorities of the different ranking criteria 
is not absolute. A combined consideration of all bases of assessment 
could result, for instance, in an applicant vastly superior in 
pedagogical proficiency being ranked higher than a candidate with 
superior scientific qualifications (who is considered less qualified 

In determining scientific proficiency, publication quality is the most 
important criteria. Following from this, publication quantity is 
important, as is documented ability to lead and develop research and 
documented experience in attracting external research funding. 
Established research networks and an ability to collaborate with 
surrounding society are also considered important. In examining 
scientific proficiency an important selection criteria will be 
applicants’ documented research addressing the challenges posed by the 
Information Society.

Equal weight is given to the assessment of teaching skills and 
scientific skills.

When determining pedagogical proficiency, documented experiences that 
demonstrate quality are the most important evaluation criteria. 
Following from this, skills and experience in the planning, execution 
and evaluation of teaching, as well as supervision  and examination will 
be considered. An ability to link teaching to ongoing research within 
the field is important, as well as documented experience of teaching at 
university level. An ability to collaborate with other actors within and 
outside the university around questions related to pedagogical questions 
is also important.

Administrative skills are important in filling this position and will be 
given significant weight, the same goes for other merits of importance 
to the position. Attention will also be given to applicants' ability to: 
co-operate, develop and supervise activities and staff, interact with 
the surrounding community and to inform the public about research and 
developmental work.

Uppsala University will in this recruitment firstly consider the 
applicant that in the overall assessment of competence and skill is 
judged to have the best qualifications to carry out and develop the 
tasks within the position and contribute to a positive development of 
the department.

General goal for the recruitment
Uppsala University is striving to attain a more balanced gender 
distribution among its teachers. Since most full professors in the 
Faculty are men, women are especially invited to apply for this position.

Other information of importance
Personal circumstances (such as parental leave) that may benefit the 
applicants in the assessment of qualifications should be included in the 
list of qualifications and experience (Curriculum Vitae).

How to apply
A complete application written in English shall be submitted in three 
copies on paper. Please see our instructions about how to apply:


Additional information
For additional information about the position, please consult the Head 
of Department, Mats Edenius (tel. +46 704-250762 or e-mail 
mats.edenius at im.uu.se). The trade union representatives are Anders 
Grundström, SACO (the Swedish Confederation of Professional 
Associations), phone +46 18 471 5380, Carin Söderhäll, TCO/ST (the 
Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees), phone +46 18 471 1996 
and Stefan Djurström, SEKO (the Union of Service and Communication 
Employees), phone +46 18 471 3315.

Applications should be made to the Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University 
(ref. no.UFV-PA 2012/2227), Registrar's office, Box 256, 751 05 Uppsala, 
e-mail: registrator at uu.se or fax. no. +46 18-471 20 00, and should be 
received not later than the 1st of November 2012. Applications sent with 
email or fax must be confirmed by original documents within a week of 
the deadline.

Uppsala University's appointment regulations

The faculty’s complementary guidelines

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