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Gerardo Sánchez geruzko at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 17:59:00 PDT 2012

Thank you all for your really good suggestions!
Privacy is truly a matter that should be of the highest concern for
everyone developing comprehensive digital literacy strategies. The
inclusion of privacy in the agendas of the high level debates around the
world should be encouraged, and by all means informed by all the
stakeholders involved. Some countries have done considerable efforts, as
the case of Canada and the European Union, others have neglected and even
evaded the straight discussion, as it seems the case of the US, who has
fail to provide solid frames both for education and regulation.
Our recently conformed group of researchers at the International Computer
Science Institute in Berkeley has come together in a truly
multidisciplinary work to provide technically and culturally informed
insights, to shape a comprehensive-educational strategy to reduce threads
on privacy and security over the Internet, guiding users to make informed
decisions regarding their online practices.
As our research is in its early phases, we would be glad to receive more of
your comments and recommendations in order to create value, so we can
hopefully make contact with the research community as soon as we will start
producing preliminary findings.

Best regards,

Gerardo S

On Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 3:16 PM, Gerardo Sánchez <geruzko at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear AoIRists
> Sorry for cross postings. I'm Gerardo Sánchez, research assistant at the
> International Computer Science institute in Berkeley California. As a part
> of a new project we are launching this fall regarding innovative teaching
> privacy strategies for K-12 scholars, a group of collaborators and I
> (Blanca Gordo, Gerald Friedland, Dan Garcia, et al) are developing new
> techniques for teaching privacy issues over the network society. In this
> regard, I would like to receive some feedback and recommendations from the
> community on relevant literature and multimedia material if there is
> something like relevant literary narratives or fables for raising awareness
> to kids or the public over their posting practices and their online
> behavior.
> I would appreciate your valuable insights
> Best Regards
> Gerardo Sánchez
> Research Assistant
> International Computer Science Institute

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