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   Mobile social media, mobile technologies, production and aesthetics to
   be explored at MINA2013

   From November 18 - 22, 2013 AUT University will be the home of a series
   of events exploring mobile technologies in film, education, business
   and creativity.  The week begins with a two-day mobile filmmaking
   workshop, and moves into the Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation
   Symposium and International Mobile Innovation Screenings.
   The events are co-hosted by [1]MINA (Mobile Innovation Network
   Aotearoa), [2]Colab (AUT University) and [3]School of Art & Design (AUT
   University) in collaboration with the School of Design  at
   the [4]College of Creative Arts (Massey University, Wellington).
   The 2013 MINA Symposium and Screening is centred around the
   question, `how are mobile and social media technologies used to create
   innovation through creative and cultural practices?' and will seek to
   answer this question through presentations of papers, workshops, poster
   presentations, performances, project showcases and mobile screenings in
   situ and via live web-broadcasts. The key events are:

   3rd Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium
   21 - 22 November | 9am - 6pm
   The Symposium provides a platform for filmmakers, artists, designers,
   researchers and industry professionals to debate the prospect of
   wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in art and design
   environments, education, and the creative industries. Keynote speakers
   are [5]Helen Keegan (University of Salford, UK) and [6]Larissa Hjorth
   (RMIT University, Australia).  Presenter topics range from `Twitter,
   Instagram and Micro Narratives', `Collaborative Mobile-Mentaries
   (mobile documentary)', `The Brown Book: Maori in Screen
   Production' to Instagram Video and the Creation of Slow Media, `mobile
   location-based augmented reality gaming' and `the democratization of
   Mobile Filmmaking'.
   Cost: $45 - $130
   Location: AUT City Campus WG403, Level 3, WG Sir Paul Reeves Building,
   Governor Fitzroy Place
   View the programme: [7]http://mina.pro/3rd-mobile-creativity-and-
   Register: [8]http://mina2013.eventbrite.co.nz/

   International Mobile Innovation Screenings

   This year's MINA screening program features pocket films,
   mobile-mentaries and smartphone film from Australia, Brazil, Canada,
   Columbia, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden
   U.K. and the USA. The 2013 International Mobile Innovation Screening is
   curated by the MINA Screening Committee and Max Schleser in
   collaboration with MINA's partner film festivals: iPhoneFF  (USA)
   SEISFF (Korea), Cinephone (Spain), Mobile Film Festival (Macedonia),
   Mobil Film Festival (USA), Ohrenblick and Mobile Streifen (Germany).

   06 November | 6.30 - 7pm reception | 7pm - 8.30pm screening
   Location: The New Zealand Film Archive - Te Anakura Whitiahua, 84
   Taranaki Street
   Ticket price: $8 Public | $6 Concession

   21 November |  7pm - 8pm
   22 November |  6pm - 7pm
   The Auckland screenings are free and open to the public.
   Location: AUT City Campus WG404, Level 4, WG Sir Paul Reeves Building,
   Governor Fitzroy Place

   9 December |  5pm - 8pm
   The Melbourne screenings are free and open to the public.
   Location:  Cinema, Swanston Academic Building, Swanston St

   Mobile Phone Filmmaking Workshop
   18 -19 November | 9am - 4pm
   MINA co-founders, Laurent Antonczak and Max Schleser will be leading a
   two-day intensive workshop that will give an overview of the many
   styles and techniques used to create films using a mobile phone.
   Participants will explore the ideas, scripting, shooting and editing
   processes to enable them to produce a short film; whether it's an
   educational video, experimental film or the next viral hit.
   Cost: $75 - $150
   Location: AUT City Campus WE402, Level 4, WE Art & Design Building, St
   Paul Street
   Register: [11]https://mobileworkshop2013.eventbrite.co.nz/

   For more information about MINA visit: [12]www.mina.pro
   Contact Details:
   Symposium: Laurent Antonczak -  [13]Laurent at mina.pro [14]+64 21 162
   Screenings: Max Schleser -  [15]max at mina.pro  [16]+ 64 22 692 0872
   Workshop: Rebekah Foote -  [17]rfoote at aut.ac.nz [18]+64 21 193 5757


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