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I would
like to share with you the publication of my latest book, “The Basque
Diaspora Webscape: Identity, Nation and Homeland, 1990s-2010s” (Center
for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, 2013; ISBN: 978-1-935709-41-1, paperback,
272 pages, illustrations).

This book engages questions central to the study of
diasporas and digital technologies, by analyzing the Basque case in depth. It
is about how one diaspora group, the Basques are
using the Internet to preserve its identity and culture. It also examines the
way Basques in the diaspora are using the Internet to create online communities
and a kind of digital nationalism that links all Basques, whether living in the
contemporary homeland or scattered around the world, into a single
self-identifying people. The research focuses particularly on the websites
created and maintained by Basque social and benevolent organizations in sixteen
countries in North and South America, Australia, and Western Europe, prior to
the popularization of the so-called Social or Collaborative Web or Web 2.0.
That is to say, the book examines the ways these websites represent the
organizations of which they are a part, and the ways they depict Basque
culture, homeland, nationhood, identity, and political aspirations. 

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you seen my latest book, The Basque
Diaspora Webscape: Identity, Nation and Homeland, 1990s-2010s?


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