[Air-L] Last reminder! Re-Configuring the Immune System-14th November-Goldsmiths College, London!

Elinor Carmi e.carmi at gold.ac.uk
Mon Nov 11 04:45:03 PST 2013

Hi AOIR's,

This is the last reminder to the Radical Media Forum's 2nd symposium - Re-Configuring the Immune System<http://radmediaforum.wordpress.com/the-immune-system/>: Bodies, Words and Worlds that will take place this Thursday, 14th of November, at Goldsmiths College, University of London, RHB Cinema, 17:00-21:00!

This event attempts to open up new pathways of critical engagement at the intersections of sciences, technology and humanities by taking the immune system as the bridging entity, concept, and tool. Our aim is to create a transitory platform, in the form of a panel of discussions, in which the biological body, with its associated discourses and practices of immunity, can coalesce with the digital, artistic, and industrial bodies in order to enable a mediated insight of ‘bodies-words-worlds’ within the topic of the immune system.

Invited Speakers:

Professor Lucy Suchman<http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/fass/sociology/profiles/lucy-suchman> (Lancaster University, UK): Figuring the Other within the Military-Entertainment System.

Professor Margit Schildrick<http://www.tema.liu.se/tema-g/medarbetare/shildrick-margrit?l=en> (Linkoping University, Sweden): Chimerism and the Immune System: Demythologising Self/Other Distinctions.

Dr. Alex McLean<http://yaxu.org/> (Leeds University, UK): Live Coding: Stepping into Software.

Mr. Amir Carmi<http://il.linkedin.com/pub/amir-carmi/15/6ba/619> (Comsecure LTD, Israel): Malware: Accelerated Evolution.

You can read all the abstracts here: http://radmediaforum.wordpress.com/the-immune-system/

After each event we will send an open call for our on-line platform where we will curate alternative forms of academic knowledge production. This means we invite scholars to contribute a very wide range of ways of critiquing through images, clips, comics, sound etc.

The Radical Media Forum also has Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/RadicalMediaForum> and Twitter accounts: @RMF_Goldsmiths.

This event is organised by Andrea Nunez Casal and Elinor Carmi.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments: e.carmi at gold.ac.uk/eu901ac at gold.ac.uk.

We look forward to seeing you in our event(s) and hope to receive contributions from you as well!
All the best,
Elinor Carmi,
MPhil/PhD Candidate,
Department of Media & Communications,
Goldsmiths College, University of London.
Twitter: @pinkeee_

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