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Commentary and Criticism Call for Papers

Issue 14.3 Feminist Activism and Privilege Online
Online spaces have proven to be fertile ground for the growth of explicitly
feminist activism and communities, with the emergence of many popular
blogs, apps, and social media campaigns devoted to raising feminist
consciousness and encouraging feminist action. Yet feminism continues to
struggle with issues of privilege in online spaces. Questions linger as to
whether online feminist activism is accessible by and inclusive of
working-class and poor women, women of color, queer and trans women,
differently-abled women, women in developing countries, and individuals who
do not identify as women. Meanwhile, in other online spaces, including
activist ones, feminist perspectives are frequently silenced, often with
threats of violence.

Given this, we seek papers that explore questions of access and inclusion
in online feminist activism, and/or a discussion of feminist perspectives
in online activism more broadly. We encourage the submission of papers that
go beyond mere description to offer productive critique and shed light on
examples of online campaigns and communities that are inclusive of
feminists from marginalized groups, especially examples that cross national
boundaries. Papers by feminist activists working outside of academic spaces
are also particularly welcome.

Topics could include, but are not limited to:
• Strategies for generating access by and inclusion of diverse participants
in online activism
• “Trolling,” verbal violence, and policing in online activist spaces
• Persistence of “the gender gap” and/or gendered privilege in digital
activist movements
• Issues in building online networks for transnational feminist activism
• Critical reflections on experiences with feminist activism and privilege
• Reviews of books or events relevant to the theme

The Commentary and Criticism section of Feminist Media Studies aims to
publish brief, timely responses to current issues in media culture, for an
international readership. Submissions may pose a provocation, describe work
in progress, or propose areas for future study. The editors of Commentary
and Criticism will also consider book and event reviews, as well as
contributions that depart from traditional academic formats. We encourage
all submissions to strategically mobilize critique to also offer a
productive contribution to both feminist politics and media studies.
Submissions must go beyond mere description in order to be considered for
publication in Commentary and Criticism.

Potential contributors can write to co-editors, Susan Berridge (
seberridge at yahoo.co.uk) and Laura Portwood-Stacer (lportwoodstacer at gmail.com)
to express preliminary interest. Final essays of between 1500-2000 words
are due by February 1, 2014.

Email submissions directly to both Susan Berridge and Laura Portwood-Stacer
(submissions for Commentary and Criticism will not be correctly processed
if submitted through the main Feminist Media Studies site).

Please be sure to follow the Feminist Media Studies style guide, which can
be found at the following link:

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