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Sounds reasonable to me!
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On 9/26/13 11:52 AM, "David Brake" <davidbrake at gmail.com> wrote:

>Dear all,
>It does seem to me that there is no reason why AoIR can't be more than
>one thing simultaneously. If it helps senior academics to have a full
>paper strand then by all means offer a ³traditional" paper route. I
>remember, however, as an early scholar I found the prospect of producing
>a paper in order to attend quite intimidating. There should therefore
>also be room for presentation only/ignite/other less-'heavy' formats that
>could be offered in parallel and judged using different criteria.
>If your institution doesn't offer you funding to go unless there's a
>paper in it for you then choose the former route. If your institution
>will pay because it is a great learning experience for you or if it's
>near enough for you to go on your own dime and you don't need or want to
>deliver a paper that's great too. If the sessions are clearly labelled
>then if you're concerned about seeing half baked presentations, only go
>to the full paper sessions. If you want to see stuff on the cutting edge
>that people are still wrestling with or if you want to encourage new
>scholars then go along to the other sessions.
>I also think that the idea of giving people who review papers some kind
>of title they can stick on their CV is great. I might add that since I
>can't afford to go to Denver and didn't therefore visit the website I
>wasn't invited to review conference submissions. Is there a master list
>somewhere of people on the list divided by subject area who volunteered
>to review papers in previous conferences? Maybe if we were all asked to
>review whether or not we were going it would ease the burden. Apologies
>if in fact I was asked and didn't respond! I probably would have viewed a
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