[Air-L] Advice on dissertation publishing?

Alice E. Marwick amarwick at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 16:55:25 PDT 2013

My dissertation is also CC licensed (also following danah's how-do,
thanks danah), and I embargoed it from ProQuest because I wanted to
put it up on my own website, where it is still freely available.

Not only did this NOT hurt me getting a book deal, but I put in my
book proposal that the diss. had been downloaded 3,000 times, which
helped convince prospective publishers that there was a market for the

My diss has also been cited a bit, which is great.

Now that the book is coming out (November 26, makes a great
Thanksgiving gift), I really don't want people reading the
dissertation anymore because the book is SO much better. But it's
still up there (although I think it's not linked from the front page
of my website anymore, but mostly because I forgot the last time I
updated the page, not for any great reason) because I don't like the
idea of having a fiscal barrier to accessing my work. I did not CC the
book, which is a whole other conversation.

(Mark, I had my undergrads read parts of Leet Noobs, by the way- it
sparked great conversations!)



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> (resending from uw acct)
> My dissertation was on proquest, open, and I threw in a CC license for good
> measure (after reading danah boyd's how to).
> It did not prevent me from getting a book deal (with Peter Lang). A couple
> of my chapters were published before the diss and became chapters (not
> verbatim tho), and Peter Lang didn't seem to have a problem with that
> either. It may have been because I worked with a series and therefore the
> series editors (who were the awesome Michele Knobel and Colin Lankshear).
> For a while my dissertation was being sold at Barnes & Nobel as an ebook
> while my book was simultaneously out on Amazon but wasn't available as an
> ebook. The book is a much, much better rewrite, and B&N was charging the
> same, so this pissed me off a bit. I don't think that's happening anymore,
> but Peter Lang still hasn't released the ebook version...
> mark

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