[Air-L] Advice on dissertation publishing?

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The point you make about using download info as part of the 'sales pitch'
for a book contract is excellent.  I'd not thought of it that way before -

In my experience, I've never known anyone have problems with
publishers/journals viz having their work out there in PhD format prior
to/alongside formal publication.  As has already been said here, it's
generally a different animal that comes out the other end of those
processes anyway.  

Whilst we are on the subject, another really important reason to keep our
PhDs in the public domain whether that's on a library shelf or in some
kind of online open access repository, is that it shows our work at a
particular point in time -  as a PhD.

PhD researchers just starting out need to see the different shapes PhDs
can take and also, hopefully, they demonstrate the kind of expectations
and thinking that is expected.  PhDs are important reference works even
though,and actually BECAUSE, they might have a few kinks in compared to
anything we might produce later.  Mine certainly has them, but then again
so does my current work :O)



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On 30/09/2013 09:55, "Alice E. Marwick" <amarwick at gmail.com> wrote:

>My dissertation is also CC licensed (also following danah's how-do,
>thanks danah), and I embargoed it from ProQuest because I wanted to
>put it up on my own website, where it is still freely available.
>Not only did this NOT hurt me getting a book deal, but I put in my
>book proposal that the diss. had been downloaded 3,000 times, which
>helped convince prospective publishers that there was a market for the
>My diss has also been cited a bit, which is great.
>Now that the book is coming out (November 26, makes a great
>Thanksgiving gift), I really don't want people reading the
>dissertation anymore because the book is SO much better. But it's
>still up there (although I think it's not linked from the front page
>of my website anymore, but mostly because I forgot the last time I
>updated the page, not for any great reason) because I don't like the
>idea of having a fiscal barrier to accessing my work. I did not CC the
>book, which is a whole other conversation.
>(Mark, I had my undergrads read parts of Leet Noobs, by the way- it
>sparked great conversations!)
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>> (resending from uw acct)
>> My dissertation was on proquest, open, and I threw in a CC license for
>> measure (after reading danah boyd's how to).
>> It did not prevent me from getting a book deal (with Peter Lang). A
>> of my chapters were published before the diss and became chapters (not
>> verbatim tho), and Peter Lang didn't seem to have a problem with that
>> either. It may have been because I worked with a series and therefore
>> series editors (who were the awesome Michele Knobel and Colin
>> For a while my dissertation was being sold at Barnes & Nobel as an ebook
>> while my book was simultaneously out on Amazon but wasn't available as
>> ebook. The book is a much, much better rewrite, and B&N was charging the
>> same, so this pissed me off a bit. I don't think that's happening
>> but Peter Lang still hasn't released the ebook version...
>> mark
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