[Air-L] New Issue of CyberOrient: Arab Women in a Changing Region: Revolutionizing the Political, Social, and Communication Landscapes

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Wed Apr 23 01:50:41 PDT 2014

Dear colleagues,

it is my pleasure to announce that the new issue of the CyberOrient
journal is available online!

All the best,

Vit Sisler
Managing Editor

CyberOrient, Vol. 8, Iss. 1, 2014


Arab Women’s Changing Identities, Activisms and Resistances in a Changing Region
Sahar Khamis


Gendering the February 20th Movement: Moroccan Women Redefining:
Boundaries, Identities and Resistances
Houda Abadi

Sowing the Seeds of The Message: Islamist Women Activists Before,
During, and After the Egyptian Revolution
Mona Abdel-Fadil

The Saudi Blogosphere: Implications of New Media Technology and the
Emergence of Saudi-Islamic Feminism
Philip Tschirhart

Women and Media: Libyan Female Journalists from Gaddafi Media to Post-
revolution: Case Study
Fatima El Issawi

“My Life is More Important Than Family Honor:” Offline Protests,
Counter-Cyberactivism, and Article 308
Sarah A. Tobin


Social Media As an Opportunity to Bahraini Women
Nada Alwadi

About CyberOrient

CyberOrient (http://www.cyberorient.net/) is a peer-reviewed journal
published by the American Anthropological Association, in
collaboration with the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in
Prague. The aim of the journal is to provide research and theoretical
considerations on the representation of Islam and the Middle East, the
very areas that used to be styled as an “Orient”, in cyberspace, as
well as the impact of the internet and new media in Muslim and Middle
Eastern contexts.

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