[Air-L] Article/literature on "algorithms" and "geodata"?

Mark Graham mark.graham at oii.ox.ac.uk
Tue Apr 29 10:44:43 PDT 2014

Hi Daniel. This is something my colleague Matt Zook and I have written
about. See:

Zook, M. & M. Graham. 2007. The Creative Reconstruction of the Internet:
Google and the <http://geospace.co.uk/files/Zook_Graham_2007_Geoforum.pdf>
Privatization <http://geospace.co.uk/files/Zook_Graham_2007_Geoforum.pdf>of
Cyberspace and
. *Geoforum*, 38, 1322-1343
or more recently:

Graham, M., M. Zook., and A. Boulton. 2013. Augmented Reality in the Urban
Environment: contested content and the duplicity of
of the Institute of British Geographers. *38(3), 464-479. (pre-publication
version here <http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2427629>)

Also check out the great work that Rob Kitchin and Martin Dodge have been
doing on code spaces (mitpress.mit.edu/books/*codespace)*.

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On 29 April 2014 18:29, Daniel Kunzelmann <kunzelmann.daniel at yahoo.de>wrote:

> And if you could help me out on another issue?
> I'm also looking for an article/literature that deals with the
> relationship of "algorithms" and "geodata". Most of the work about
> algorithms that I could find seem very "technical", thus missing the social
> aspect of it.
> My main concern: What are and do algorithms: technically but as well as
> from a social anthropological perspective? How is geodata used within these
> algorithms causing what?
> How can one theorize and conceptualize the relationsship of geodata,
> algorithms and ethnography?
> Again, together with a colleague I will be holding a workshop to discuss
> ways in which numeric (geo-)data and ethnography can be joined in
> anthropological theory and methodology. We both think that algorithms and
> their relationship with geodata play an important part to understand these
> issues. Any ideas or suggestions of an article?
> Thanks you so much!
> Kind regards,
> Daniel Kunzelmann
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