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Sat Feb 1 00:07:14 PST 2014

Dear AoIR-ists,

With the usual regrets for duplications and cross-postings - please pass
along to potential candidates and appropriate lists.
Please note that the course offers a sliding scale of requirements and
correlative ECTs.  There are no course fees, though participants will be
required to pay ca. 1000.00 DKK to cover their catering costs (lunches,
coffee and tea breaks, etc.) over the course of the workshop.

Methodologies: Mobile Media & Mobility
International PhD course, Aarhus University 1-3 April 2014

  Adriana de Souza e Silva, NC State University
  Rich Ling, IT-University of Copenhagen
  Gunnar Liestøl, Oslo University
  Kristian Hegner Reinau, Aalborg University
  Jonas Larsen, Roskilde University
  Anne Marit Waade, Aarhus University
  Thomas Bjørner, Aalborg University
  Charles Ess, Oslo University

Organisers: Charles Ess (Professor, UiO); Thomas Bjørner (Associate
Professor, AAU); and Anne Marit Waade (Associate Professor, AU). Graduate
School of Arts, Aarhus University, PhD degree program: ICT Media,
Communication and Journalism.

  4 ECTS inclusive of submitting a paper
  3 ECTS without submitting a paper
  (1 ECT extra for participating in the research workshop April 4)
  Time: April 1-3,2014
  Room and Place: Aarhus University
  Cost/ Policy No course fee. Travel, accommodation and meals are not
  covered by the course.

The course will give different perspectives on methodologies within
studies in mobile media and mobility. This multidisciplinary course covers
fields of research such as media science, communication, ethnography,
anthropology, social science, geography, architecture, urban
design and planning, research ethics, etc.
The Ph.D.-course will be based on lectures, workshops and students own
project presentations in a mixed setting aiming at creating an open and
creative research dialogue.

For a more detailed course description, registration information, etc.,
please see the course website:

On behalf of the organisers,
Charles Ess
Professor in Media Studies
Department of Media and Communication

Director, Centre for Research on Media Innovations

University of Oslo 
P.O. Box 1093 Blindern
Oslo Norway
email: charles.ess at media.uio.no

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