[Air-L] Gnip and Twitter Bringing Social Data to Academic Researchers

Stuart Shulman stuart.shulman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 11:05:57 PST 2014

Gnip and Twitter Bringing Social Data to Academic Researchers


>From the Gnip blog:

"What if the next generation of data scientists could have access to social
data for their research? And what if we could help increase the quantity
and quality of published research using social data? Exploring what might
be possible has led to an exciting new collaboration between Twitter and
Gnip. Today, we're announcing the pilot of the Twitter Data Grants program,
a new initiative designed to support research and fuel innovation in our

On a related note:

I have taken on the task of setting up 1-2 academic panels for the next Big
Boulder conference. If you are an academic doing work with Twitter data and
you are interested in potentially appearing on a Big Boulder panel, please
send me a brief synopsis of your project and a link to any web-based
materials about it.

For more about past Big Boulder conferences, please visit:




For information about the Big Boulder Initiative:




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