[Air-L] Call for Abstracts for Chapters Vol.2 International Handbook of Internet Research

Jeremy hunsinger jhunsinger at wlu.ca
Wed Feb 19 05:51:26 PST 2014

Call for Abstracts for Chapters
Volume 2 of the International Handbook of Internet Research
(editors Jeremy Hunsinger, Lisbeth Klastrup, and Matthew Allen)

Abstracts due June 1 2014; full chapters due Sept. 1 2015

After the remarkable success of the first International Handbook of
Internet Research (2010), Springer has contracted with its editors to
produce a second volume.  This new volume will be arranged in three
sections, that address one of three different aspects of internet research:
foundations, futures, and critiques.  Each of these meta-themes will have
its own section of the new handbook.

Foundations will approach a method, a theory, a perspective, a topic or
field that has been and is still a location of significant internet
research.  These chapters will engage with the current and historical
scholarly literature through extended reviews and also as a way of
developing insights into the internet and internet research.  Futures will
engage with the directions the field of internet research might take over
the next five years.  These chapters will engage current methods, topics,
perspectives, or fields that will expand  and re-invent the field of
internet research, particularly in light of emerging social and
technological trends.  The material for these chapters will define the
topic they describe within the framework of internet research so that it
can be understand as a place of future inquiry.  Critique chapters will
define and develop critical positions in the field of internet research.
 They can engage a theoretical perspective, a methodological perspective, a
historical trend or topic in internet research and provide a critical
perspective.  These chapters might also define one type of critical
perspective, tradition, or field in the field of internet research.

We value the way in which this call for papers will itself shape the
contents, themes, and coverage of the Handbook. We encourage potential
authors to present abstracts that will consolidate current internet
research, critically analyse its directions past and future, and re-invent
the field for the decade to come. Contributions about the internet and
internet research are sought from scholars in any discipline, and from many
points of view. We therefore invite internet researchers working within the
fields of communication, culture, politics, sociology, law and privacy,
aesthetics, games and play, surveillance and mobility, amongst others, to
consider contributing to the volume.

Initially, we ask scholars and researchers to submit an 500 word abstract
detailing their own chapter for one of the three sections outlined above.
 The abstract must follow the format presented below. After the initial
round of submissions, there may be a further call for papers and/or
approaches to individuals to complete the volume. The final chapters will
be chosen from the submitted abstracts by the editors or invited by the
editors.  The chapter writers will be notified of acceptance by January
1st, 2015.  The chapters will be due September 2015, should be between
6,000 and 10,000 words (inclusive of references, biographical statement and
all other text).

Each abstract needs to be presented in the following form:

·       Section (Either Foundations, Futures, or Critiques)

·       Title of chapter

·       Author name/s, institutional details

·       Corresponding author's email address

·       Keywords (no more than 5)

·       Abstract (no more than 500 words)

·       References

Please e-mail your abstract/s to: internet.research.handbook at gmail.com

We look forward to your submissions and working with you to produce another
definitive collection of thought-provoking internet research. Please feel
free to distribute this CfP widely.

Thank you
Jeremy, Lisbeth, and Matt

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