[Air-L] Call for Applications, 2014-15 Yahoo! Fellow in Residence, Georgetown University

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Yahoo! Fellow in Residence
International Values, Communications Technology & the Global Internet
School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.

The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service is pleased to invite
applications for the position of Yahoo! Fellow in Residence for the
academic year 2014-2015. This one academic year position is funded by the
Yahoo! Fund on International Values, Communications Technology and the
Global Internet, which was established at Georgetown University by a gift
from Yahoo! Inc. The Yahoo! Fellow will be chosen by Georgetown University
from applicants drawn from the government, corporate, non-profit and
academic sectors.

The Fellowship
The Yahoo! Fellow in Residence explores the relationship between new
communications technologies and international values in varying national
and international contexts. Projects should address the issue of applying
international values and principles (e.g., free expression, regulation,
citizenship and privacy) to new communications technologies and the
diffusion of information in rapidly changing global environments. These
might include large and evolving economies--including Brazil, Russia, India,
and China--as well as interactions between the developing and developed
worlds. Projects can draw on insights from many disciplines, including
politics, economics, business, and socio-cultural research.
It is expected that the Yahoo! Fellow will undertake research and writing,
some of which will be posted on the website of the Institute for the Study
of Diplomacy, during his or her stay. In addition, the Fellow must organize
at least one workshop or conference during each of the two semesters in
residence, work with graduate fellows supported by the same Yahoo! grant,
engage in co-curricular offerings and other interactions with the
Georgetown student body, and participate in the professional life of
Washington, D.C.
The Yahoo! Fellow in Residence will be a part of the Institute for the
Study of Diplomacy (ISD) at Georgetown University. The Institute will
provide office space, supplies, and administrative support during the
fellowship year. The Yahoo! Fellow will have the opportunity to be a member
of a group of ISD associates and fellows drawn from the United States and
foreign government agencies.
The fellowship provides a stipend of $60,000 to support housing and living
expenses for the academic year and $5,000 to cover travel associated with
the appointment. The appointment will cover the period of August 15, 2014
to May 15, 2015.
Within the School of Foreign Service, the Master of Science in Foreign
Service Program (MSFS) will provide a locus for the applied curricular and
research support activities associated with the Yahoo! Fellows. The
Program's multi-disciplinary faculty, including experienced public and
private sector practitioners, comprises a broad resource base for research
and collaboration on globalization forces and impacts across an array of
diverse sectors and cross-national applications. Relevant results generated
by the Yahoo! Fellows' projects could be incorporated into the MSFS
Program's curriculum through guest lectures, special seminars, case studies
and/or course modules. It is anticipated that research projects may thereby
yield multiplier educational effects that extend beyond the tenure of a
particular Yahoo! Fellow. MSFS graduate students will also be selected to
receive partial-tuition fellowships as Junior Yahoo! Fellows. The selected
students will engage in study and research associated with the Yahoo!
Fellow in Residence and/or other faculty engaged in related project

Applications should be imaginative, multidisciplinary, analytical, and
capable of being completed during the fellowship year. They should include
proposals for projects and associated conferences or workshops. An advanced
degree is not required, however, for those pursuing graduate work, the
degree must be completed and in hand prior to assuming the fellowship.

Applicants should submit the following:
* Letter of interest
* Curriculum vitae
* Statement describing a proposed project and methodology (not to exceed
2,500 words)

Submit application materials to:
Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Attn: Yahoo! Fellow Search
1316 36th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

Deadline: Applicants are advised to submit materials by Monday, April 7,

Applications will be considered until a final applicant has been selected
and has accepted the appointment. Electronic submissions may be sent to the
following email address: dolgasc at georgetown.edu. In the subject line,
please add the text: Yahoo! Fellow Application.

Background Information
For information on the Yahoo! Program and current and past fellows, please
visit the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy website:
Kalev Leetaru (2013-2014)
Francesca Musiani (2012-2013)
Séverine Arsène (2011-2012)
Han-Teng Liao (2010-2011)
Evgeny Morozov (2009-2010)
Gaurav Mishra (2008-2009)
Irene Wu (2007-2008)

For information on the Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) graduate
program, please visit http://msfs.georgetown.edu.

For information on Georgetown University, please visit www.georgetown.edu.

Francesca Musiani

Postdoctoral researcher
Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation <http://www.csi.mines-paristech.fr/>
MINES ParisTech
60, Boulevard Saint-Michel
75272 Paris Cedex 06, France

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