[Air-L] What's your 1 sentence explanation of "Internet Research"

Mary L. Gray qcentral at indiana.edu
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Hey all,
Melissa, I really like your 1 sentence zinger definition for net research. My only revision would be to put the focus on the relationships to technologies rather than setting up technologies as forces (media effects) in and of themselves. Something like:

"Internet studies is the interdisciplinary consideration of the relationships that bind Internet technologies, individuals' lives, social institutions, and cultural meaning."


Best (and thanks, Gordon, for starting the fun/productive thread),

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> My "single sentence" definition:
> "Internet studies is the interdisciplinary consideration of how Internet technologies are changing individuals, societies and cultures."
> But that's just my two cents worth.
> - Melissa Nile.
>> On 26 Jul 2014, at 8:51 am, Gordon Carlson <gordycarlson at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I don't think AoIR work can be encapsulated in a sentence.  And I embrace
>> the transdisciplinary nature of everyone's work.
>> In that spirit, rather than try to write a monolithic description, I would
>> love to hear how each of you would describe/define "Internet Research".
>> What is it?  Who does it?  Why do it?
>> I have been having trouble articulating some of my own work and would love
>> to know how you are doing it.
>> I appreciate your time and effort and will gladly share a compiled list of
>> all the responses I get if anyone is interested.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Gordon Carlson
>> PS - if you also want to send me your 2-3 sentence versions or versions
>> that focus on how YOU study the internet I'd be happy to read those as
>> well.
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