[Air-L] Statistical software and Internet data gathering

Peter Timusk peterotimusk at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 18:44:20 PST 2014

Using an Application Programming Interface (API) call to twitter by
registering a twitter application I was able to gather data from twitter. I
prefer statistical software like SAS or R and both of these can make http
requests built into some code and then import the JSON web data file. I
would recommend learning this programming yourself as it does not take a
deep knowledge of programming and gives one fairly fine grained control on
data gathering and is much cheaper than using a canned application. R
software is free here www.r-project.org  Many publishing mathematical
statisticians are using R and are publishing new R routines these days.


The other approach is to teach computer scientists social science I guess. I
think they would be using python computer language these days.



Peter Timusk

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